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Witcher Season 2: Princess Cirilla, Ciri’s Visions Explained

The Witcher Season 2: Princess Cirilla, Ciri’s Visions Explained in Detail

In the Witcher Season 2, the visions of Ciri help in unfolding all the layers of the character and her destiny, played by Freya Allan.

Ciri’s destiny is being discussed a lot, and the witcher season 2 tried to straighten out the fate of Ciri through her horrifying yet puzzling visions. However, her visions play a crucial and central role in the chronicles of The Witcher.

The visions Princess Cirilla are experiencing are the indications of per powers and abilities which are already inside her. Apart from being horrifying, the visions are helpful to Ciri and Geralt both.

Ciri, trained as a Witcher, carries the elder blood in her veins developed by the elven sages. The concept behind creating a child of Elder Blood was that creating a warrior with massive power over Chaos. The warrior can even open portals between other worlds because of the Elder Blood.

Visions of Ciri, Witcher Season 2

The Witcher Season 2 Princess Cirilla, Ciri’s Visions Explained in Detail
Source by Witcher

In the Witcher Season 2, Ciri experiences various visions throughout. In the first episode of season 2, ‘A Grain of Truth’, Ciri shares that she has seen it before. In season 1, she saw Geralt and Tissaia de Vrie calling out Yennefer’s name on the battlefield.

She got another vision in episode 3 of the witcher season 2 named ‘What is Lost’, where she saw a creature looks exactly like her. In that vision, that similar creature is in a desert in another world, saying the words, “Daughter of Chaos belongs to us. Turn your backs. Join the procession. There is only death here.”

In the fifth episode of the witcher season 2 named ‘Turn Your Back’, Ciri experiences one of the most important visions in her life. When a magician, Triss persuades Ciri to submit herself to the Valley of Soul, which will help discover different layers of her consciousness and genetic memories.

During the exploration of memories, Ciri talks to her memory of Pavetta, her mother. While talking, Pavetta gives Ciri a hint that she’s got Elder Blood running in her veins, and because of that, her Elder Blood gene is awakened. Wherever her blood is spilled, a rare flower grows named Feainnewedd.

The Witcher, Ciri: What does her visions mean?

The Witcher Season 2 Princess Cirilla, Ciri’s Visions Explained in Detail
Source by Witcher

Ciri’s visions or dreams, horrifying yet give her a cosmic foresight, which empowers her to touch into her genetic memories and the future events taking place.

Evidence suggests that her visions always become true, which indicates that her dreams are not just a possibility but actual events in future.

The visions of Ciri predicts that Wild Hunt also called as Wraiths of Mörhogg, are a group of spectators galloping in the sky, will appear soon in the upcoming season of the witcher. The Wild Hunt will come for sowing death across the continent.

While on the other hand, the meeting between Ciri and Lara Dorren, in the witcher season 2, helps Ciri realize herself as a Child of Elder Blood.

Ithlinne’s Prophecy for Ciri, The Witcher Season 3

Ciri, Princess Cirilla’s Fate in The Witcher Season 3
Source by Witcher

Ithlinne, an ancient and legendary elven prophet, accurately predicted the attack of Nilfgaard on Northern Kingdoms, Cintra being the one among them.

Ithlinne Prophecy, known as Aen Ithlinnespeath, comes up throughout the series, which not only includes Geralt Witcher and Ciri’s lives but also affects other characters in the series. Across the whole continent, the Ithlinee’s Prophecy is interpreted as a caution against the arrival of an ice age in the future.

The future seasons will uncover the accuracy of Ithlinne’s prophecy, whether it will come true or not. And Ciri plays a central role in the forecast as she is the Child of Elder Blood.

The Ciri, Witcher 3 will include the exciting events around her, as she is a Child of Elder Blood, and her command of Chaos will be central to all the events.

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