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Top 5 Best Black Superhero Movies to enjoy with your partner

Do you love black superhero movies? Are you also single and looking for interracial relationships? You can easily combine these passions by signing up to a digital dating agency. One of these fabulous facilities will match with someone according to how compatible you are for each other. Algorithms built into the website or app’s software will help accomplish this. So you won’t just be pointed towards the ideal black hook up, but also a partner sharing your love of superheroes! What could be better? How about a list of five of the best movies to enjoy together?

The Meteor Man

Robert Townsend, a prominent stand-up comedic and movie director, previously made a name for himself by documenting how black actors fared in Hollywood Shuff, and the issues faced by black musicians in The Five Heartbeats. With The Meteor Man, he created the first true Black superhero film since Abar. The plot features a schoolteacher whose neighbourhood has been taken over by criminals. Fortunately, a freak accident (he was struck by a meteor) has blessed him with superhuman abilities. He then goes on an anti-crime spree. With a stellar black cast, including Don Cheadle and James Earl Jones, this is an excellent choice.


Wesley Snipes plays the titular superhero, Blade who is part human, part vampire, and whose mission is to track and destroy the fully-fledged vampires who are such a threat to humanity. Because he is a hybrid, much as his heart might be in the right place, and he is out to serve the forces of good against evil, he must take a special serum to suppress his taste for blood. With riveting action set-pieces, and based on one of Marvel’s lesser-known comic book heroes, Blade was a box-office hit despite being R-rated, going on to make over $130 million.

Fast Color

Directed by Julie Hart, Fast Color is a superhero movie set in the future, in the Prairie States of the USA where there has been an eight-year drought. A homeless nomad wandering the desolate landscape, Ruth (Gugu Mbatha-Rae) experiences seizures that trigger natural earthquakes. She later bumps into a customer in a diner who is secretly a scientist seeking to capture her to do medical research to tap into her skills. Also, since this superhero movie features a prominent black character in the leading role, it would be perfect for your special rendezvous.


Will Smith please John Hancock, who, in his initial appearances, doesn’t seem as if he is much of a superhero at all. He acts recklessly with his unique skills and is also an alcoholic. His erratic behaviour leads to him receiving open ridicule and derision by the public, and a particular feature of his that will push his buttons is when anyone refers to him as an ‘asshole!’ However, as the storyline unfolds, he rekindles feelings for his ex-wife Ray (Charlize Theron).

Black Panther

To say that this black superhero was a critical and fan success would surely be one of the understatements of recent years! Released on the back of a  $200 million budget, it went on to make $1.3 billion at the box office. That the lead actor, Chadwick Boseman passed away prematurely in 2020 aged 43 means that this fantastic superhero movie has become so much more poignant. The electrifying story introduces a fictional African country, Wakanda, where a heart-shaped herb can be ingested to create superhuman abilities. The Black Panther then embarks on a series of fast-paced adventures in this wonderful portrayal of Stan Lee’s story.

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