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Top 5 Best Hulu Original TV shows to watch with your mature partner  | SuperHero ERA

Top 5 Best Hulu Original TV shows to watch with your mature partner 

Are you a mature single seeking a partner? Do you also love catching the latest shows on Hulu? Here’s how to combine both interests. Joining a digital dating service will introduce you to a cross-section of exciting mature singles in your local area. The discreet communication channel is designed to inspire flirty chat! You’ll soon be getting to know fabulous local mature women, developing a sense of chemistry. Enter the senior chat rooms and discuss your favourite Hulu series! Once you arrange a mature date, here are five of the best to watch.


This is a slick, coming-of-age comedy that will tug on your heartstrings. The central protagonist is Annie (Aidy Bryant), a plus-sized woman. It seems that everyone around her fixates on the fact she is far from a skinny minny, only making her more determined to succeed on her terms. This is a perennial story that will strike a particular chord with older viewers, especially if they might be described as curvy themselves. If you have ever faced manipulative bosses or judgey boyfriends, then you will rally to Annie’s cause!

A Teacher

Based on Hannah Fidell’s film of the same name, Hulu requested this be condensed into a miniseries – and the results are well worth it. Kate Mara is a thirtysomething teacher who finds herself attracted to one of her teenage students, Eric (Nick Robinson), almost half her age. The sense of attraction is reciprocated, and before long the mismatched duo embark on an affair. As this is a drama, you can be sure that this will not end well, and sure enough, the repercussions of this age gap and decidedly unprofessional liaison is having serious effects. This is a cautionary tale that pulls no punches in its depiction of the way that no matter how passionate people are towards each other, society will still frown on what is deemed inappropriate behaviour.

The Looming Tower

The iconic two towers of the World Trade Center still loom large, often appearing in the backdrop to movies or TV shows set in the Big Apple pre-September 2021. Of course, the world changed on September 11th that year, when terrorists deliberately flew two hijacked planes into the buildings to devastating effect. Versatile actor Jeff Daniels stars as the head of the FBI’s counterterrorism unit, John O’Neill, while Peter Sarsgaard plays his CIA counterpart, Martin Schmidt. This is the dramatized story of the events that led up to that horrific, fateful day, revealing the cat-and-mouse tactics of US counterterrorism personnel, and the fanatics determined to unleash mayhem. Sparks also fly between the officials, often too busy squabbling amongst themselves to see the real threat under their noses. That we already know the outcome doesn’t detract from the tension of the unfolding tragedy.

Love, Victor

This is another gem to enjoy with your mature partner, telling the story of an LGBT relationship. Starring Nick Robinson again, here he plays Simon, but the real star of the show is Victor (Michael Cimino), a gay guy who struggles with his sexual orientation after moving to a new location. Simon offers a shoulder to cry on from a long distance, while Victor summons the courage to express his true feelings for the openly out teenager at his local high school, Benji (George Sear). 


To the uninitiated, Sasquatch are legendary creatures, part-human, part-simian, alleged to inhabit the denser patches of the forests in the Californian hinterland. When three people are supposedly killed by some monster from the trees in a cannabis farm, the authorities investigate. The premise might seem like a fantasy, but the truth behind this true crime documentary is equally mysterious, involving Hell’s Angels and murderous drug dealers.

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