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Top 5 best shows based on comic books to stream on Netflix with your SO | SuperHero ERA

Top 5 best shows based on comic books to stream on Netflix with your SO

Are you a fan of Netflix series based on comic books? If you’re seeking a bi partner who would be sharing your passion for comics, have you tried digital dating? This represents the platform where you’ll be able to touch base with a fabulously diverse range of individuals. If you like to engage in bisexual chat, this is the environment where you’ll discover so many singles on your wavelength. A good icebreaker would be discussing favourite Netflix shows that are based on comic books. After develop a rapport, streaming these could become the backdrop to exciting date nights. How about choosing from our top 5?

The Walking Dead

Less a Netflix series about undead cannibals and more a global phenomenon running to 11 seasons with offshoots, The Walking Dead has gained widespread audience and critical acclaim. When Sheriff Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes after a coma, he discovers a nightmarish zombie apocalypse has overcome the world. He unites with a band of survivors in evading the murderous clutches of the so-called Walkers while fending off the equally deadly attention of rival groups of humans.

The Umbrella Academy

If the popularity of a Netflix series is an indication of its strength, you can be reassured that The Umbrella Academy’s first season was streamed in almost 50 million homes. On one day in 1989, 43 women gave birth simultaneously, despite none of them showing signs of being pregnant. An eccentric billionaire adopts seven of the 43, to be transformed into a team of superheroes – the so-called Umbrella Academy. An intriguing story unfolds as we learn more about these seven individuals, including one who returns from the future with warnings of an impending apocalypse, other time travellers hot on his tail. With one of the seven being part-ape and another a ghost, there are many exciting twists and turns.

Sweet Tooth

This post-apocalyptic fantasy is another worthwhile Netflix series for watching with your partner. In the near future, a pandemic known as ‘the Sick’ has wiped out the majority of humans. Another consequence of this disaster is the emergence of hybrids, part-human, part-animal. Because these hybrids are blamed for The Sick, they are viewed with hostility, leading to many people hunting them down. Gus is the titular hero, a half-deer hybrid, with a taste for candy. After living in the wilderness with his father for 10 years, Gus discovers a box his father buried, containing a photo he assumes to be his mother. There follows a nail-biting journey to find his mom, and also a cure for the deadly virus while hiding from hunters.

Locke & Key

The comic book that this hit series used for its source material was illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez and penned by a certain Joe Hill. If the latter name isn’t too familiar, he’s the son of Stephen King, one of the world’s greatest thriller writers. The Locke family suffer terrible misfortune when their patriarch is brutally murdered by one of his students. His wife and three kids relocate to the rambling family mansion on the Massachusetts coast. The children come across mysterious keys that can be used to open doors into different dimensions. Unfortunately, a demonic entity, in the form of an attractive woman, also craves these objects, exposing the Lockes to sinister supernatural forces.

Marvel’s Daredevil

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox) is a lawyer who is also blind. By when the night falls, he swaps his legal briefs for a mask and assumes the role of a crimefighting vigilante, aided by his heightened senses. Combatting criminals on the streets of New York’s notorious Hell’s Kitchen district, he uncovers a conspiracy being orchestrated by businessman Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), who is also a crime lord.

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