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Top 5 Breathtaking Open-World Games | SuperHero ERA

Top 5 Breathtaking Open-World Games

Video games have drastically changed over the years but one of the most notable differences is definitely the scale of the open-world feature. Developers really go above and beyond to make these virtual worlds massive and interesting at the same time. Meaning, they aren’t just adding a lot of area to the game, all of those nooks and crannies hide new items, hidden quests, or easter eggs that players love. Here we will go over some of the breathtaking open-world titles, and discuss what makes them so special.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This was a long-anticipated sequel to one of the best games on gen 3 consoles. The graphics are simply amazing, and the whole western theme is spot on. You can do a lot of things in the Red Dead sequel and you can even play poker or gamble at a saloon. Of course, it’s not the same thing as playing on the best online casinos that payout real money, but it’s refreshing to see a decent AI that can play poker. So, if you are looking for a game where you can pour dozens of hours and have lots of fun in the open world go for this one.

Horizon Zero Dawn

While waiting for all the new things that Horizon Forbidden West will bring, you can take time and revisit the old world of Horizon Zero Dawn. The old human civilization has gone extinct and new human tribes are now trying to find their place in the world overrun by the machines that try to extract biomass for fuel.

The game really gives you the freedom to roam and explore the amazing terrains, and find all sorts of neat artifacts. You can also find different merchants that sell mystery loot boxes, which act as a mini lottery game. These might not be as exciting as lotteries, but you will still be tempted to try them and see if you can get lucky with loot. The game features lots of different terrain like lush jungles, snowy mountain tops, and barren deserts. In the sequel, we will also get the chance to go underwater and explore this whole new biome.

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The Witcher 3

Top 5 Breathtaking Open-World Games
Top 5 Breathtaking Open-World Games

Although we didn’t get any announcements of The Witcher 4 during Witchercon we did get good news that The Witcher 3 will receive a visual update. So far this game has received a lot of praise, and it’s definitely the title that is worthy of being called the game of the decade. The more you play Witcher the more you realize just how much attention to detail developers put in, and it’s one of those titles that can still surprise you even after years of playing.

Ghost Of Tsushima

This is one of the more recent releases that really builds upon the standards set by The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption 2. The game really lives up to the hype, and truly feels like a Red Dead with samurais instead of cowboys. You won’t get to see many urban cities, but the outdoor environments are just stunning beyond comparison.

Death Stranding

The open world of Death Stranding is vast and looks truly amazing, however, it also feels very lonely and almost like a prison. The director definitely wanted to evoke this effect, but it’s still fascinating how such a vast world can make you feel trapped at the same time. Even with all of its beauty, the environment is hostile, and for the most part, you are just running for safety.


It’s really difficult to single out only 5 open-world games, given how many incredible titles are out there. Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, God of War, Dark Souls, and many more, all look fascinating in their own right and deserve to be mentioned. That being said, if you are a gamer, and haven’t got around to trying any of the titles we mentioned here, definitely go for it.

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