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Top 5 Romantic TV shows for a mature audience to stream | SuperHero ERA

Top 5 Romantic TV shows for a mature audience to stream

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Game of Thrones

This massively-popular fantasy series based on George R R Martin’s bestselling novels, featuring dragons, bloodthirsty battles, and zombies, might not seem an obvious choice for romance. Yet love is often a central theme in this gripping series. Whether it’s the gorgeous but deadly dragon queen, played by English actress Emilia Clarke, who weds a barbarian warlord in an early episode, or the ice-cool, beautiful but lethally ambitious Cersei Lannister (Lena Hedley), Thrones is packed full of intriguing storylines and strong female characters. The action sequences are also jaw-dropping – so this is a must for any mature audience.

The Crown

A soap opera aimed at discerning viewers, this entertaining and informative series focuses on the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom. From the Queen’s coronation in 1952 (when she is played by Claire Foy, through to Olivia Coleman starring in her later years, romance is always bubbling just under the surface. This show has been criticised by royalists for being a little disrespectful in portraying the royal family in a ‘warts and all,’ fly-on-the-wall format, but it’s no secret that members of the Windsor family themselves are known to dip in now and again!

Grace & Frankie

Featuring an all-star cast including acclaimed veteran US actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in the lead roles, Grace and Frankie are mature women who discover their respective husbands are in a gay relationship and plan to get married. United by this unusual situation, Grace and Frankie become unlikely friends. Having run to seven successful series, Grace & Frankie has won numerous accolades, including nominations for Primetime Emmys and Golden Globes. The husbands are played by Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, terrific character actors, and as the plot unfolds, you’ll be gripped by the drama – and frequent comedy – that ensues.

The Good Place

Eleanor (Kirsten Bell) finds herself in the titular Good Place, a heaven-like afterlife designed by Michael (Ted Danson) as a utopia for people who have led blameless lives during their time on earth. She quickly discovers she has been sent there by mistake, as her past was far from morally perfect, a fact she must go to great lengths to conceal. This leads her on a journey of redemption as she seeks to atone for her previous behaviour so she can fit in without arousing suspicion. Again, this makes for fabulous mature entertainment, and this comedy/fantasy has received no fewer than 14 nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards.

Mad Men

What more is there to say about this period drama, set in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue, other than it is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV series ever? Starring John Hamm as charismatic but flawed ad executive Don Draper, this needs to be watched through the prism of modern awareness – the 1960s and 1970s office environment it depicts was extremely sexist and misogynist. But this doesn’t detract from the entertaining drama, as well as the changing cultural mores.

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