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Top 6 Best Anime to binge-watch with your partner on Netflix | SuperHero ERA

Top 6 Best Anime to binge-watch with your partner on Netflix

Are you a single whose main passion is watching Anime? Have you long dreamed of coming across your ideal partner for romance – someone who adores Anime as much as you?! Here’s a tip for you. Try online dating. Once you sign up for a dating site tender where with the help of special search filters you would be able to find fans of anime, otaku, and manga. Keep an eye out for striking profiles. Any one of these charming site users could end up being your ‘anime bud.’ The digital environment is perfect for connecting – you’ll quickly develop a strong rapport. All that remains is to decide which anime features to binge on Netflix during your dates! Here are six of the best.

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

This would be an excellent first choice for a binge-watch. Based on a novel, the fabulous animation makes this captivating series come alive. The source material runs to over 1,800 chapters, but it has been distilled to a much more easily digestible Netflix series. The animation has everything from ferocious sword battles to quieter moments where you can get to know the characters. It may be a slow build for your date night, but it is perfect for creating the right atmosphere.


As its title might suggest, we are deep into the realms of Eastern Europe in mediaeval times, immersed in a landscape populated by the blood-sucking undead – a demonic army led by Vlad Dracula Tepes. Castlevania is particularly renowned for the fantastic visuals that bring the series to life. As well as the stunning attention to detail with the graphics, everything else about this series is note-perfect for your romantic liaison – storyline, structure, pace, and the three-dimensional characters.

The Promised Neverland

Now it’s time to step the gears down a little and settle into a story about orphans. There may not be vampires, but the main protagonists do discover a sinister purpose to their upbringing. Who is this evil caretaker who has such a prominent influence on their lives, and how do they escape his clutches? This is another anime that stands out for its captivating animation and entertaining content. You will certainly be in for edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

Violet Evergarden

Some churlish onlookers have complained that the visuals on display here are so enthralling that it sometimes seems as if this animated series is too self-aware and ‘showy.’ But the plotline concerning an emotionally stilted soldier who sets into his peacetime distance as a ghost-writer, allows a range of emotions to unfold. The romantic aspect of this intriguing storyline will have you and your partner glued to the twists and turns.

Fire Force

What better way to kindle the sparks of a gripping story than set this the fraught world of firefighting?! The animation is top-notch, and the fight scenes are a white-knuckle ride for anyone watching! As well as the non-stop action, there are many characters whose interaction provokes humour as much as adrenaline rushes. So, ring that fire alarm and hop aboard this riotous adventure!


For the final viewing recommendation for your date, this anime is a wonderful meld of cyberpunk, crime fiction, and psychological thriller. The setting is a dystopian Japan of the future where people are governed by a sinister computer network. Citizens are suppressed by having their mines scanned regularly – the so-called Psycho-Pass of the title. You can be sure that individual protagonists will be striving to overcome this totalitarian mind control! The best futuristic anime presents nightmarish dilemmas – watching the characters overcome these is always absorbing.

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