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Top 6 Best LGBT-friendly TV shows to stream on Netflix with your S/O | SuperHero ERA

Top 6 Best LGBT-friendly TV shows to stream on Netflix with your S/O

Do you and your significant prefer cozy nights in? Snuggling on the couch can be a wonderful, with a menu of the latest Netflix releases to choose from, and refreshments at the ready. If you fall into the category of favouring LGBTQ relationships, perhaps you love the idea of arranging a date on matchmaking platform while streaming shows suited to your demographic? There are many appropriate LGBTQ-friendly dating platforms to choose from. For your next lesbian hook up, how about considering something from this list of the best LGBTQ-oriented shows?

Orange Is the New Black

What could make for more gripping entertainment for your date night than a drama set inside a female prison? Since it was first broadcast back in 2013, Orange Is the New Black has been gaining consistently high viewing figures. And no wonder. For a start, this series hasn’t been scripted by some random Hollywood screenwriting team – it is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman, who has direct experience of being inside a female penitentiary (FCI Denbury). The show has justifiably won numerous awards and features various intriguing storylines centered around a disparate group of inmates. Lead characters Alex (Laura Prepon) and Piper (Taylor Schilling) give vivid portrayals of the ups and downs of relationships in the claustrophobic settings of a federal institution, while Laverne Cox became the first trans actor to win an Emmy.

Next in Fashion

If you fancy a complete change of pace and outlook, look no further than this dramatic battle to win the coveted quarter-of-a-million dollars prize for design. Fronted by British presenter Alexa Chung and the style guru from Queer Eye, Tan France, contestants are put through their paces as they fret over their latest challenges to put together striking looks for the runways. Expect high drama, behind-the-scenes bitching, and catty fallouts! (Actually, that doesn’t sound all that different to the aforementioned prison drama.)

One Day at a Time

Based on a mid-70s show of the same name, the modern update revolves around the turbulent interactions of a Cuban American mom, who is also an army veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Although this series falls under the catchall category of sitcoms, it has gained widespread acclaim across the board (not least in the LGBT community) for its fearless tackling of social issues such as homophobia and mental ill-health.

The Politician

Featuring an all-star cast (including Gwyneth Paltrow, Bette Midler, Jessica Lange, and Ben Platt), the powerful satire is penned by Ryan Murphy, the prolific screenwriter behind hit shows like Glee and American Horror Story. The storyline follows an ambitious student (played by singer/actor Ben Platt), who is determined to surmount various hurdles and become US President one day. Before he gets as far as the Oval Office, his first step is overcoming the treacherous politics of his local high school. Featuring Murphy’s trademark blend of camp, style, and likeable or fiendishly dislikeable characters, this is another LGBT-friendly TV series to keep you enthralled on date night.

American Horror Story

We seem to have a soft spot for Ryan Murphy, but he just keeps hitting LGBT-friendly shows out of the park! This long-running feature, which ran for 10 seasons, is a fabulous cocktail of camp performances and stomach-churning gore. Unmissable!


Ryan Murphy again, but this drama, focusing on the queer Latino and African American communities in New York is a visual splendour (it’s about the Big Apple’s ballroom scene of the 1980s). It also features the largest cast of trans actors in history, which is one reason for its universal acclaim amongst critics and fans alike.

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