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Top 6 Best LGBTQ Anime That You Must Watch with your S.O. | SuperHero ERA

Top 6 Best LGBTQ Anime That You Must Watch with your S.O.

From humble origins in early 20th-century Japan, anime has gone on to become a global phenomenon. There are now over 430 companies producing captivating anime features. Because anime is inclusive, these features are particularly popular with the lesbian community. If you’re eager to connect with like-minded individuals sharing your anime passion, why not sign up to a Japanese lesbian site? Modern technologies had led many online dating websites which use algorithmic matchmaking systems to match people with the right partner the first time. So it would be easy to find someone who is also a fan of anime. Start interacting with kindred spirits. Soon you’ll be arranging hot dates! How about arranging a first date, with popcorn, and LGBTQ anime? Here are six of the best titles.

Wondering Son

‘Wondering Son’ is based on the Japanese manga series that was created by Takako Shimura, a female illustrator renowned for tackling LGBTQ issues. The story centres on a trans student, identifying as a girl, and a close friend described as a trans-boy. The series deals with a variety of issues, not least gender identity and the often confusing concept of puberty in young teenagers. After being shown at the Japan Media Arts Festival, it gained critical acclaim for its exploration of gender reversal.

Angel’s Feather

Angels Feather’ has been developed into a visual novel game. The arresting illustrations are focused on a young boy, Hamoura Shou, who arrives at an academy and begins looking into mysterious aspects from his past. He has a twin brother, Chi, and although they share the same name, they are referenced in different ways. While anime based on video games sometimes produces mixed results, this has become popular because of the gender issues it deals with in amongst magical worlds.

No. 6

In this wonderful manga feature, two best friends, Nezumi and Shion, find that they are drawn into something more than friendship. Set in a dystopian city of the title, the manga adaptation of the science fiction novel series would be entertaining viewing. As well as robots and deadly parasitic wasps, the underlying storyline of the intense friendship between the lead protagonists is ideal for an LGBTQ-themed anime date night.


Created by Mackie Murakami, this captivating tale is about a wannabe musician, Shuichi, and his band, Bad Luck. He is keen to elevate his group’s fortunes but is also keen to win the heart of an enigmatic stranger. This person turns out to be a renowned romance novelist. The more that Shuichi pursues the novelist, the more he learns about the dark history behind his writing.

The Betrayal Knows My Name

Abandoned at birth near an orphanage, Yuki Sakurai has always sought to be fiercely independent. Because of his beginning in life, he dislikes being a burden and is keen to be as autonomous as possible. But he later discovers that he has weird magical powers, including the ability to sense others’ emotions simply by touching them. This leads to many quirky situations as he gets to grips with this power, at one stage coming across a beautiful stranger who saves his life. Wonderfully illustrated, this touching anime feature, with its core subject matter of empathy, is one to add to your list.

Embracing Love

This anime features another well-worn trope – the fact that opposites often attract. The central players are adult film celebrities, Katou and Iwaki. They are eager for their final feature to be a hit so that they can think about retiring. Part of the movie’s story involves them having to make love to each other. But they quickly discover they have genuine feelings for each other. The fact that Katou is loud and outspoken while Iwaki is the polar opposite makes for some interesting situations.

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