Tower of God Season 2 Release Date Confirmed: In Production Phase

According to the animator, Yoshihiro Takeda, the Tower of God Season 2 anime may have started early with its production.

A South Korean manhwa (comic), Tower of God, is written and illustrated by S.I.U. It is a webtoon, a type of digital comic, which was serialized in Naver Webtoon in the year 2010. The Tower of God produced nine volumes and was published by Young Com. The Korean comic officially received English translations at the beginning of 2014 so that it could be read worldwide.

The Tower of God comic was not only adapted as an anime but also became a mobile game and merchandise. In Japan, the anime adaptation of Tower of God comics was made by Telecom Animation Film, and its first season, including 13 episodes, aired from April to June 2020.

The Tower of God anime series revolves around a character named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who is a boy living his life trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower. A girl named Rachel is the boy’s only friend who tells Bam about the outside world. The Tower under which the boy was living summons chosen people who are called ‘regulars’ and promises them that all their desires will come true when the reach the top of the Tower.

The girl, Rachel, also wants to climb the Tower, and the boy, Twenty-Fifth Bam, follows Rachel because he only wants her. The series entails a lot of adventures events that happen when Bam, who is not chosen, opens the gates of the Tower by himself.

Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God Season 2: In Production Phase
Source by Tower of God

The Manhwa’s anime adaptation of Tower of God has released only one season so far. There isn’t any official announcement of the Tower of God Season 2, but the animator Yoshihiro Takeda hinted that it might be in the process of production right now.

The Studio, which made the Tower of God Season 1, has claimed that it isn’t working on an already confirmed anime ‘Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2’ because it would be engaged in the making of Tower of God Season 2.

The animator, Yoshihiro Takeda, stated that he wouldn’t be working with Tower of God Season 2, as he is a freelancer who is engaged with a new anime that will be released this year.

However, according to some reliable sources, the anime Tower of God Season 2’s animation is said to be ‘done by Telecom,’ and the public announcement of it would probably happen this year, 2022.

Tower of God Season 2 Anime Release Date

Tower of God Season 2 Anime Release Date
Tower of God Season 2 Anime Release Date

The anime series, Tower of God Season 2, haven’t been officially shared yet, and the recent update which has been shared, not officially, though, is that it’s in the production phase. So, with no official announcement, there is no Tower of God Season 2 release date.

However, if the recent news of Tower of God anime Season 2 in the production phase by the animator is true, we can expect its release to happen in late 2022. For which the production phase should need to be officially confirmed by winter or spring of 2022 latest, which could make our predictions true.

Tower of God Manhwa

Tower of God Season 2: In Production Phase
Source by Tower of God

Unlike many other anime series, the anime, Tower of God, is not based on any manga or light novel series, but it is based on Kami no Tou manhwa, a Korean comic that was created by S.I.U. (Slave in Utero).

In an interview with S.I.U, the writer mentioned that he wasn’t allowed to read comics as a kid, but he did it anyway. He said, “When I was young, I watched animated movies and drew my own side stories. I would change the relationship of two characters from hating each other to being friends, or change the ending into my own ideal ending.”

The creator mentioned that he started working on the Webtoon series while he was in the South Korean military; he shared his experience, “The military was physically exhausting, but it was where I came up with ideas and drew a lot of my work. Tower Of God was one of the projects that were created there. I started by coming up with an image of a young boy standing in front of a giant tower. Unfortunately for Bam, most of my ideas were either about a young boy facing impossible odds or a young boy never being able to win in an impossible situation. I thought about how interesting it would be to see a young boy successfully defeat and overcome those situations in such a brutal world. That is why the world and the villains’ powers were very overwhelming from the start.”

The manhwa creator by S.I.U. is not coming to an end anytime soon. It is divided into many parts or ‘seasons,’ and the Tower of God Season 2 would probably take over from chapter 80. The manhwa series is still ongoing, as it is being released online weekly every Sunday, and you can read it from the Naver Webtoon platform.

Tower of God Season 2 Plot Summary

Tower of God Season 2 Plot Summary
Tower of God Season 2 Plot Summary

The Tower of God Season 1 ended with Bam, the boy, feeling broken-hearted with Rachel’s betrayal and wanting to know if Rachel showed him down or left him to die. The events of the last episode happened in a way that the Jahad family believed the death of Bam.

The viewers are aware of Rachel’s actions happening because of resentment as she is the ‘chosen’ by the Tower. Meanwhile, the rest of the team in the anime believes that Bam died helping them. As a result, they wanted to honor Bam’s final wish by helping Rachel ascend the Tower.

The next season, Tower of God Season 2, would probably jump forward in time and take over the events when Princess Yuri enters a floating castle, the palace of Jahad, where Yuri is visiting her older sister, Khun Maschenny Jahad, the owner of the Yellow May. However, Yuri’s purpose in entering the floating castle isn’t only to meet with her older sister but to visit another princess.

Yuri doesn’t believe that Bam is dead even though it has been five years since he entered the Tower, so Yuri asks the other princess to help her find Bam. The Tower of God Season 2 would probably start with this plotline and unravel the mystery behind Bam’s death.

Tower of God Anime Season 2 Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

Tower of God Season 2: In Production Phase
Source by Tower of God

The Tower of God anime Season 1 was directed by Takashi Sano, and the series composition was written by Erika Yoshida. The character designers are Masashi Kudo and Miho Tanino, and the music of the series is composed by Kevin Penkin.

The Tower of God anime Season 2 would probably have the same anime staff. One thing for certain is that two new protagonists will be introduced, which are Jue Viole Grace and Ja Wangnan. The cast from Season 1 will be present too, which are:-

Tower of God Season 2: In Production Phase
Source by Tower of God
CharactersVoice Actors
BamTaichi Ichikawa
RachelSaori Hayami
Khun Aguero AgnesNobuhiko Okamoto
Rak WraithraiserKenta Miyake
Yuri JahadMariko Honda
Evan EndrochKazuyuki Okitsu
ShibisuTakuya Eguchi
HatzToshinari Fukamachi
Anaak JahadAkira Sekine
Endorsi JahadRie Suegara
HeadonHouchuu Ootsuka

Tower of God Season 2 Last Thoughts

Tower of God Season 2: In Production Phase
Source by Tower of God

The Korean anime series, Tower of God, has become popular as a result, the fans are expecting another season, Tower of God Season 2, to be released soon. Whatever information has been shared to date has been mentioned in this article.

If you want to know about what would happen in Tower of God Season 2, you can go through the Manhwa Webtoon series and read about the events which took place after everyone believed Bam was dead. Or you can replay the first season to relive the memories, as you never know when they’ll officially announce the production status of Tower of God Season 2. Nevertheless, the website will be updated with the new information about Tower of God Season 2.

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