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3 Popular Photo Stocks to Download Fantasy Images

Where to Find HD Fantasy Images to Design Surrealistic Projects

People get tired of ordinary things and urban landscapes in the modern technological world, which has little space for dreaming and imagination. Nonetheless, each adult has an inner child that strives to create a fantasy world. You can design an online reality like this using fantasy pictures. 

Fantasy illustrations combine mythology, fables, tales, and legends, making them excellent visuals for creative designs. They are also great for surrealistic storytelling. You can bring the bravest ideas into your projects using these pictures. Read on to learn more about the topic and find out where to download HD fantasy graphics. 

What is a fantasy image? 

Fantasy is the sub-genre of modern art that refers to fantastics. It is inspired by surrealism, magic, mythology, and folklore. The scenery in the fantasy genre frequently takes place in fictional worlds. Illustrators and photographers can also integrate elements of magic into the real world. Fantasy art and images are enjoyed by dreamers who appreciate beauty, elegance, and grace. 

How do you organize a fantasy photoshoot? 

Fantasy photography always involves fictional scenery and magic creatures. To arrange an impressive photo shot, choose a mystic location carefully and find props in advance. Forests, fields, and coastal zones are one of the best locations for fantasy photoshoots. You can present your models like witches, nymphs, or mermaids.

To create memorable storylines, professional photographers also explore specific attributes which form magic creatures. For example, a witch can be presented differently depending on the culture. In Slavic mythology, it’s Baba Yaga who lives in a hut standing on chicken legs. You can create outstanding fantasy shots depicting different visions when experimenting with character attributes. 

Additionally, post-processing is an essential procedure for fantasy photography. Manipulating pictures in graphics editors can help you achieve a fairytale atmosphere and add magic to your shots. For example, you can make an ambient background, apply surreal effects, and create contrast.

Where can you use fantasy images? 

If you want to bring a piece of magic to your projects and make authentic designs, fantasy artwork can perfectly fit your goals. Here are some examples of where you can use fantasy pictures: 

  • Posters. Generally, these printed materials serve to convey promotional messages accurately. A poster should grab attention, as well as be understandable and well-perceived. Add fantasy pictures to your promotional materials to make them more visually appealing. Unrealistic images look surreal and vibrant, attracting a wide audience. 
  • Book covers and illustrations. Fantasy images can help you create visual narratives in your fiction books. Just choose a cover and illustrations that demonstrate your story ideas and plot, be it magical worlds or ethnic mythology. 
  • Creative advertisement. Consumers are tired of dull and monotonous ads. You can bring some magic to your marketing banners, flyers, and other brand materials. Just come up and execute a creative idea using fantasy images. 
  • Clothing prints. Are you uninterested in standard mass production T-shirt prints? You can make your clothing design with fantasy pictures. Find and customize a surreal illustration to then place it on a piece of clothing.

Top sources to download stock fantasy photos 

Stock content marketplaces are the easiest way to find thematic picture collections, including fantasy images. These platforms are vast libraries of HD visuals created by international contributors. The featured content is properly licensed so you can use it for personal and commercial purposes.

  1. Depositphotos 

Depositphotos is one of the largest stock content marketplaces featuring 230+ million photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, and music. Among the variety of content, you can browse eye-catching royalty-free fantasy images. Visuals are sorted into multiple thematic categories, allowing you to find relevant files quickly. You can also search for necessary design materials using keywords. Depositphotos provides an advanced search system to significantly speed up browsing. Just apply a needed filter like Point of View, Date, Orientation, People, or Origin to find well-suited visuals in a couple of seconds. 

How can you download stock fantasy images from Depositphotos? 

  1. Visit to access the Illustrations category.
  2. Enter “fantasy” or any other relevant keywords into the search box. 
  3. Click on the search icon and start browsing suggested images. Apply advanced filters if needed. 
  4. Find a preferred picture and click on it. 
  5. Choose image resolution and download the file. 
  1. Pixabay

Pixabay is a stock library featuring 2.6 million royalty-free files that you can utilize in commercial and personal projects. The platform contains photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, music tracks, and sound effects. Tags and advanced search filters help you find fantasy visuals in a couple of clicks. You can sort content by type, orientation, size, color, and date. On Pixabay, files are released under a Custom Commercial License that doesn’t require source attribution when using content for business purposes. 

How to download fantasy images from the platform: 

  1. Go to the Pixabay official website. 
  2. Enter your search query and start browsing. 
  3. Select and click on any picture you like. 
  4. Click on the Free Download button to save the image. 
  1. Freepik 

This stock content marketplace features photos, vectors, PSD templates, mock-ups, backgrounds, text effects, and fonts. You can browse numerous collections and 21 thematic categories on the platform. Freepik regularly publishes popular images allowing you to enrich your design projects with eye-catching visuals. To find an appropriate file quickly, you can use Category, Color, People, Type, Orientation, and Style search filters. Images are released under Free and Commercial licenses. Remember to attribute the source when using free files for commercial purposes. 

To download fantasy pictures from Freepik, follow these steps: 

  1. Open Freepik in your browser. 
  2. Type in a keyword and press Enter to start searching. 
  3. Browse and select a visual that fits your goals. 
  4. Click on Download to save the chosen file. 


Fantasy pictures can add magical vibes related to mythology, fantastic worlds, and fables to your projects. Use these thematic visuals to design appealing posters, book covers and illustrations, advertisements, and customized clothing. Browse stock content marketplaces to find the best fantasy image collections that other creative minds will appreciate.

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