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What are the best superhero-inspired games? | SuperHero ERA

What are the best superhero-inspired games?

In a sense, it’s no surprise that superhero games are so popular. Games that mirror major film franchises are increasingly played in this time of cross-channel promotion. It’s not uncommon, for example, for people to play a game on their device while watching a film of the same genre on their television screen. Of course, taking on the superhero role in a virtual world is a big ego boost, and one that allows the player to escape their everyday lives.

With all that in mind, this blog post will explore some of the best superhero-inspired games that are available and give you a chance to think about which ones you might like to play, no matter what your preferred device or console might be.

Batman Arkham Knight

A list of the best superhero video games to play clearly wouldn’t be complete without exploring the world of Batman. The Batman Arkham Knight series is widely considered to be the best of the best when it comes to the array of game choices related to the Batman universe. The game takes over 24 hours to play in full, and it’s been widely praised for its gameplay and aesthetic choices.

One of these is the way that power is demonstrated. The exercise of power is clearly crucial to a superhero game player, as it’s the main way in which that all-important feeling of omnipotence can be communicated through the use of a game console. In this edition, Batman is described as being able to move around with ease – meaning that you too, as the player casino ohne limit, can experience that feeling of swooping from point to point.

Another advantage of this game is that it’s possible to play it on a variety of devices and consoles as well. These include major names such as Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Those who prefer to can also use a PC to play, so there’s plenty of choice.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Those who love Spider-Man have a wide range of gaming choices at their fingertips if they want to indulge their passion for both the franchise and for gaming at once, thanks to the creators at Sony and Marvel. The game that this article will focus on, however, is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In this game, players will be able to patrol the Harlem area of New York City as the title character fights against the advances of Roxxon Energy Corporation as well as a wide variety of other antagonists who have set out to deter him.

Casino games

Moving away from non-gambling games for a moment, it’s clear that superhero inspired slots are also a big thing in this field. The Superman slot game, which has been developed by NYX Gaming Group, is an excellent option for those who love Marvel, while the Captain America slot game developed by Playtech is also a well-known and much-loved option.

Slot games which are themed around superhero movies tend to have some similar characteristics. Rather than the stereotypical fruit machine symbols, such as lemons, the symbols are replaced with themed choices. In the Superman slot game referred to above, for example, the symbols are instead famous signs from the movies, such as pairs of glasses. This is ideal if you want to combine both your love of superhero movies with a quick bit of gambling entertainment here and there.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

According to some industry watchers, the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game is in fact leaps and bounds better than the movie it represents. This could be due in part to the fact that X-Men began life as a comic book, which is in many ways more transferable to the gaming world, not least of all because both forms of media are necessarily imaginative and graphic-based. Be aware, however, that this game is rated R, so it might not be suitable for all gamers. Those with children may want to do some research into this game before deciding who should play it.

In short, you’ve got plenty of choices if you want to play a superhero-inspired game online. Whether it’s the X-Men franchise played out in game format or a superhero-themed slot game, you can pick from a wide array of games which allow you to put your own spin on the superhero experience and play out a role that you would never get to play in real life.

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