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What Happens In ‘Thor: Love & Thunder Ending’? Top 10 Mysteries Explained!

Thor: Love & Thunder ending was on a dramatic note; even though the movie had loads of entertainment, it opened a lot of mysteries that were not explained in the movie. 


Thor becomes the first MCU superhero to get a fourth solo film; even after many news pieces say this will be Thor’s last solo movie, the ending that says Thor will return suggests otherwise. Besides that, the end of Thor: Love & Thunder has left plenty of prospects for the character that can be explored in further projects. 

After Thor: Ragnarok, which was released in 2017, Thor: Love & Thunder was released after a long time, even though Marvel itself released the posters in 2019, after Avengers: Endgame. Even after Ragnarok, Thor has fought many battles between then and now. Thor is one of the longest-running original Avengers and has played an essential part in all Avengers movies.

Thor: Love & Thunder starts with Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, traveling with the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and fighting monsters all around the universe after he left with them at the end of Avengers: Endgame. While going through requests for help, Thor finds out Sif, played by Jaimie Alexander, is in trouble, and Thor returns to New Asgard. 

As soon as Thor gets to Earth, he finds out Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman, has become the Mighty Thor and has the remains of Mjolnir now. During that fight, Gorr, the God Butcher played by Christian Bale, kidnaps the children of Asgard. 

Then Thor, Mighty Thor, Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, and Korg, played by Taika Waititi, set out to find Eternity, where they have to stop Gorr from killing all gods.

Unlike Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the movie’s story was self-sufficient, but Thor: Love & Thunder Ending was an open one. In the last scene, Thor is seen parenting Gorr’s daughter, Love, played by Chris Hemsworth’s daughter India Hemsworth. Hence, the story of Thor, the God of Thunder, is far from over. 

The questions that remain open after Thor: Love & Thunder Ending, its meaning, and its ties to the comics are all discussed below. To know them, keep reading!

Thor: Love & Thunder Ending Explained in detail?

Thor: Love & Thunder Ending Explained in detail?
Source Marvel

In Thor: Love and Thunder Ending, Thor travels to Eternity alone to fight Gorr. He was traveling alone because he discovered that using Mjolnir had weakened Jane’s system, and he could not fight cancer, and Valkyrie was injured too. 

Thor frees the children of Asgardian and enables them with the power of Thor, only for a limited time. Together the children and Thor fight Gorr and his shadow monsters; their task is to prevent Gorr from using Stormbreaker and the Bifrost to open Eternity. 

As matters escalate, Thor is weakened at the hand of Gorr because he had the Necrosword. Just then, Mighty Thor, aka Jane, arrives at the spot, uses her new powers of Mjolnir, and destroys the Necrosword in a blood-chilling scene. 

Even then, Gorr enters Eternity and prepares to make his wish for gods to go extinct. Both the Thors can appeal to his more practical side, and he finally wishes for the resurrection of his daughter. Following this, Jane and Gorr die because their weapons, Mjolnir and Necrosword, can no longer keep them alive. 

At the movie’s end, Thor is parenting Gorr’s daughter, Love. Thor: Love & Thunder Ending has two post-credit scenes, one that Zeus is alive and is sending Hercules, played by Brett Goldstein, to kill Thor, which alone opens up an entire movie for Thor. Second, where Jane has entered Valhalla and is greeted by Heimdall, played by returning actor Idris Elba, both are discussed below.

How does Jane follow Thor To Eternity In Thor: Love And Thunder Ending?

How does Jane follow Thor To Eternity In Thor: Love And Thunder Ending?
Source Marvel

Traveling around the galaxy in Thor: Love & Thunder is essential, while the Bifrost is the key to traveling to Eternity, for which one requires Stormbreaker. Therefore, the question of How Jane follows Thor To Eternity In Thor: Love And Thunder Ending does not have a definite answer. 

Even then, one speculation that can be made is earlier in Thor: Love & Thunder, Valkyrie’s winged horse, can create portals that allow travel across universes. Even though it was not enough for a team, it was sufficient for Jane to get to the gates of Eternity.

Is Jane Foster Dead, Or Will She Return As Mighty Thor?

Is Jane Foster Dead, Or Will She Return As Mighty Thor?
Source Marvel

Jane Foster’s death in Thor: Love & Thunder ending resembles the scene of Odin’s death in Thor: Ragnarok. It looks mainly like Natalie Portland playing Mighty Thor might not return in the franchise’s future. However, the movie’s post-credits scene leaves the prospect for her to return if need be. 

Thor: Love and Thunder Ending comic book resembles, and both suggest Mighty Thor’s return. Per the comic books, Thor refused to accept that Jane had died. He even combined the powers of Mjolnir with that of Odin from Valhalla to resurrect Jane.

In some comic books, Marvel has even shown Thor as able to talk to the ones in Valhalla; and Jane had become a Valkyrie in comic books, which gives her power over life and death. 

At the same time, the scene in Valhalla where Jane meets Heimdall can hint that the story for Mighty Thor is not ended yet; both the characters might make a return. According to Norse mythology, Valhalla is a place for warriors to rest after they have died until it’s time for them to return to battle at the end of the world.

Can The Concept of Eternity Be Used After Thor: Love & Thunder Ending?

Can The Concept of Eternity Be Used After Thor: Love & Thunder Ending
Source Marvel

Eternity was never mentioned in the MCU before Thor: Love & Thunder, but it was in the comic books. Although to be precise, in the Marvel comic books, Eternity is different; they are shown as more active cosmic entities. Eternity and Infinity are shown as second only to the Living Realm in the Marvel comics. 

Eternity looks passive in Thor: Love and Thunder Ending, it cannot be said what their role is, and the MCU has shown a rule- ‘first living thing to reach Eternity would be granted a wish.

It is a one-time deal and cannot be used again after Gorr has. But it can be interpreted that now the door to Eternity is open, and Eternity can use its power for something more. Eternity and Infinity are terms often used together with Galactus and are similar in many ways. It makes it possible for the Devourer of Worlds to make an MCU debut.

Love, Gorr’s Daughter, where did she come from, and where is she headed?

Love, Gorr's Daughter, where did she come from, and where is she headed?
Source Marvel

Gorr used his Eternity wish to resurrect his daughter, Love. In Thor: Love & Thunder Ending, Love is shown to have powers that were not present before her original death. Her looks and origin might hint that Gorr’s daughter, Love, might turn out to be the MCU’s version of Singularity. 

Singularity appears in the sky after the multiverse is destroyed in the comic books, and she arrives in Arcadi on Earth-16191. Singularity was portrayed as a little girl but is a ‘Sentient Quantum Singularity’ and contains a pocket universe. She finally gets to Earth-616 after her death in the other timeline. 

In the comic books, Singularity’s powers are- teleportation, time travel, and flying, which differ from Love. Still, it is not the first time Marvel has changed a character’s powers from comics. Even though it’s not confirmed if Love might next appear in the following relevant MCU movie, it is highly probable because Thor: Love and Thunder Ending suggests so.

Why was Thor Using Mjolnir and not Stormbreaker At The End Of Love & Thunder?

Why Did Thor Use Mjolnir and not Stormbreaker At The End Of Love & Thunder?
Source Marvel

Thor: Love and Thunder show that Thor deeply misses his original weapon Mjolnir, and rightly so. He even gets jealous of Jane as she uses the hammer, but it is mainly for humor. His longing for it made sense when Thor re-uses his Mjolnir at the end of the movie Love is seen using the Stormbreaker. 

However, there is another mystery to Thor using the Mjolnir. Mjolnir shows a tiny part of Thor’s Love for Jane in the movie, their relationship, and their breakup. When Thor uses Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder Ending, it might be a way for him to honor his memories of Jane, his one true Love.

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What Did Jane Whisper To Thor At The End Of The Movie?

What did Jane Whisper to Thor??
Source Marvel

Jane took her few last breaths in Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Jane are seen telling Thor that she finally found her perfect catchphrase after she tried many throughout the movie. She whispers it to Thor in his ears, and he assures her that it’s perfect. 

The catchphrase that Jane whispers has not been revealed, and the scene is not from the comics. It resembles a different Gorr-related scene from the comics. 

In the “Original Sin,” a Marvel comic story, Nick Fury whispered something into Thor’s ear, making him ‘unworthy’ to lift Mjolnir. Then in “The Unworthy Thor,” volume number 5, another comic story, Fury’s words were revealed- “Gorr was right.” 

The scene in Thor: Love and Thunder Ending where Jane whispers to Thor resembles the scene but is much opposite of it. It could be another hint to the return of Jane Foster in some distant movie, and then maybe Mighty Thor’s perfect catchphrase will be revealed.

What are Zeus’ Plans for an Attack With the help of Hercules?

What are Zeus' Plans for an Attack With the help of Hercules?
Source Marvel

In Thor: Love and Thunder Ending, a post-credit scene to be precise, it is shown that Zeus is determined to take revenge on Thor. It is because Thor fights him in Omnipotent City and throws Zeus’ Thunderbolt at {himself. 

In the post-credits scene, Zeus has survived and is employing his son, Hercules, played by Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein, to take his revenge on Thor, and he is also determined to re-establish the world’s faith in the gods rather than superheroes. 

Even though this is not from comic books, Hercules was once shown fighting the Avengers in the comics but ended up joining them and is then exiled from Olympus by Zeus, his father!

Why Did Jane Foster Go To Valhalla?

Why did Jane Foster go to Valhalla?
Source Marvel

The second post-credits scene from the movie shows Jane entering Valhalla, but it isn’t evident. It was told in Thor: Love & Thunder that only warriors who die while fighting ‘during’ battle can go to Valhalla. And Jane dies not while fighting Gorr but after she persuades Gorr not to kill the gods. 

It was not a battle of the traditional sort; it was still a fight to save the world and can be her reason for entry into Valhalla. Jane is not an Asgardian, but her actions and possession of the hammer make her worthy to enter Valhalla. It follows the comic book set in which Jane Foster with Flash Thompson and Frank Castle enter Valhalla. 

But the absence of Asgardians, as Odin and Loki make the presence of Jane there, makes it peculiar. However, Odin did not technically die on the battlefield.

What does Thor: Love & Thunder; the title Means?

What does Thor: Love & Thunder; the title Means?
Source Marvel

Most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 movies and series have had dark endings, and important messages at the end; Thor: Love and Thunder Ending gave a somewhat positive message and ending. The ending was not about Thor, the God of Thunder, or Gorr, the God Butcher, winning, but the power of Love winning. 

As Gorr becomes free from the curse of Necrosword, he realizes that there are things that are of higher importance than his vengeance. At the same time, Thor chooses to spend his final moments (because Gorr was about to make his wish) with Jane as she is dying. Seeing this and inspired by Jane and Thor’s pep talk, Gorr resurrected his daughter, whom he loved, and left her with Thor.

Hence, Thor: Love and Thunder were about how Love is a greater force than blind revenge. As Thor decides to raise Love, Gorr’s daughter, it shows an incredible amount of character development for Thor since he first appeared in MCU.


Conclusion July 8
Source Marvel

Thor: Love & Thunder, the most awaited movie of Marvel for 2022, has entered the cinema. It was released in some countries on 7th and 8th July. To say that the movie is well-executed and up to the mark is an understatement. Even though fans enjoy the movie, they have many questions. Let’s hope to get their answers soon. 

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