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What is boosting in online games

Many players, coming to the most popular online projects, such as World of Warcraft, or others, quickly realize that leveling up the main levels is a rather difficult and monotonous task, while high-level content and the most interesting mechanics are hidden much further. Of course, these levels are monotonous at the beginning and are needed for player training, but many gamers are willing to skip this aspect and learn as they go.

To do this, they use the services of boosting in games, as a way to quickly increase the desired value to move on to the most interesting content and raids.


What is boosting

Boosting is the leveling up of game levels by joining a fireteam with a professional player, or providing an account to level up a hero without the direct participation of the client.

You can follow the link –, view the list of proposals for your project and server and choose the booster that you like the most.

You can always sort potential contractors by price, time to complete services, experience, and so on.

The service guarantees work only with high-quality boosters and gives a guarantee for all types of services and the safety of personal data.

What are the risks when ordering boosting from random players

Each game project has players who offer you to upgrade your character and ask for virtual or real money.

Such pumping always comes down to the risk of getting game sanctions, losing money, or wasting your time on a disgusting quality service.

Why is this happening:

  1. The player who provides the service has good enough equipment to quickly kill monsters, but does not know how to do it systematically, or beats the wrong monsters, as a result, a lot of time is spent on a service that you would have provided for yourself.
  1. The player is a cheater. He will simply take the money in advance for the service, leave the server, and then pretend that nothing happened, and the game administration will not take your side, since you voluntarily transferred the amount of virtual or real money to another player.
  1. The player is too open and brazenly offers pumping for real money, and even if he is honest and does not aim to deceive the players, then when the game administration imposes game sanctions on him, his clients, including You.
  1. As for services from random players who ask for account information – this is generally taboo, because you will simply lose valuable items, get a password change and spend time recovering. Of course, contacting technical support will help resolve the issue – the main thing is not to reveal the nuances that you yourself transferred the data from the account, otherwise the case will be instantly closed in essence in favor of the attacker.
  1. The player is not obliged to value his name, unlike services that have been developing their image for months and years and do not want to lose it due to dishonest services, then a simple player can do what he wants and if he needs it, just delete the character and start a new one.

Ways to perform the boosting service

Boosting – as an element of character leveling can be done in two ways:

  1. You will join the battle group, which is sent to obviously thought out and most profitable locations for your level and begins the process of leveling. You need to clearly and timely follow all the instructions of the group leader in order to effectively implement the entire cycle of level growth in the shortest possible time.
  1. You transfer the account to the booster to provide the service. Make sure you choose a reliable service to perform the service in this way. On the one hand, you will get pumping much faster, since a professional player will ideally perform all the timings and actions to speed up the pumping, but on the other hand, this is a risk to everything valuable that is on the account. The game administration will take your side only in case of non-voluntary data transfer, so be careful – carefully read the reviews and just recommendations from other players on Findcarry.

Answers to frequently asked questions about boosting in online games

Is boosting safe?

Yes, if you work with proven services that do not share data with third parties and have players with strong enough characters to quickly gain levels and knowledge of the game.

Who is the boosting service suitable for?

All players who for various reasons need to quickly get the necessary levels. It doesn’t have to be the first character, it’s still better to master the game world on your own. Boosting is great for hard-to-level classes like supports, or twinks, secondary characters who need to level up quickly.

How to protect yourself from sanctions and actions of the game administration?

By itself, boosting is safe, if you don’t shout about it at every corner, then for the game administration this is only a group pumping and nothing more. Heroes who shout about their services in general chats are at risk, but only those who end up asking for real money for their services will be banned.

What type of boosting is better to order?

If you absolutely trust the booster and work with a proven service, then transferring an account will certainly bring the desired result much faster. In another case, group leveling, although it will require you to constantly control the character and fulfill all the requirements of the game leader, but this is a much safer format than with the transfer of an account.

What is the responsibility of the booster in case of damage?

If you work with a booster from a professional service, like Findcarry, then all responsibility will fall on the service, which will charge all the expenses from the offending employee, but in cases with random performers, you will have to deal with the problem yourself and write to the game administration with a request to look into the incident. It is worth recalling that if you mention the voluntariness of your actions because of which the incident happened, then the game administration will simply shrug, so think and correctly compose your request.

What can affect boosting speed?

First of all, the speed of response to all requests from the game leader, the presence of experience accelerators, if they are allowed in the game, and of course the type of project itself always affect. In Destiny 2, leveling can be accelerated, unlike other projects. When transferring an account, the speed will be maximum due to the precise control of all actions by the booster.

When is the boosting service paid?

The service is paid immediately, that is, in advance, which causes a lot of problems when interacting with random players.

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