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What is Disney Plus? | Important Thing about Disney+ You Must Know

Pandemic has changed a lot of things for people of this generation. For a reason, a few generations earlier, we had this type of pandemic with Spanish influenza, but it didn’t affect much because people didn’t have so much to lose back then, but lives have changed. People these days want a new movie or a series to be released at least once a month, and we all are a part of that. But sadly this covid kept us home, but the hope rose again, through OTT platforms, especially Disney Plus


Disney Plus is an American streaming service, now launched and available for every corner of the world. It is owned by the Walt Disney Company, which turned us into the animation mode with its famous mickey mouse and a lot of other shows and movies. Disney Plus streaming service was originally established in 2015 after the demand for tv shows rose.


The one page tells it all; the trending page tells us what’s on top of that watchlist for most of the people and can help you with adding something onto your watchlist if you are confused about what to watch. So the list begins:

# High school musical:

Seemed like people wanted to go back to their school days, this movie is on the trending list right now. Many people are really into this movie these days and are watching it in their free spaces.

Dil Bechara:

After a heartbreaking incident taking place, this movie was one last memory left with us. So people are rushing into the site to watch the film again and again. Despite SSR’s presence, the movie has a peaceful and very hurtful storyline, which is pulling people towards it.

Star wars:

The Series of movies stood legendary every time they were released, and there are a lot of people who keep rewatching these movies. So may be those people reigned the time now and are watching the Series mostly on the page.
This list is filled with a lot of waiting from the audience. As the OTT platform has some of the best and most anticipated shows, we can expect a little traffic.

Star Wars: The bad batch

Disney is known for animation, and people love Disney for that reason. Now, this Series of star wars is the one to be added to that list, well that is because it is going to be an animated series.

Winter soldier:

After fans are left amused after seeing the old grandpa version of Captain America. They can’t wait to see how his best friend Bucky and his companion Falcon are doing after being handed the shield. This one is for marvel fans, and soon it will be there on this OTT platform.


We saw him fight and die too. Now we want to see him as who he is; well, that is why this Series will be there in this list of upcoming onto the site, and it won’t definitely disappoint the fans waiting for this Series.
In every run, they are definitely who compete, even in the rum of movies, Series, and the platforms streaming them. Disney has been the best for past years, but there were a few more who work as much as Disney.


This one something everyone has an account in. although this platform made its entrance a little later than the original Disney company, it worked on getting its name up, and now it has a really good considerable amount of fans. The company started producing films and made its own platform for portraying its own films.

The idea made it through the race, though, and won at some certain points. Netflix also is known to deliver one of the best quality in its streaming and best storylines and movies into its platform. Coming to competition, it is definitely one of the toughest competitors, and Disney is fighting it pretty well. Well, if we start listing the best content, the list can just go on.

HBO max:

This one is a new streaming platform, but not very new to people. HBO has been one of the channels with a high TRP rating over its space all the time. This one is a mixture of action, entertainment, comedy and teen genres. If you are one mood swinger, then you can definitely find your type here on this platform. Currently, HBO max is known for its teen drama series called Euphoria, and it is making a blast.

Other few shows and movies on this platform are also on the top chart, making it a pretty tough competition with other platforms. Well as said, it has every genre, so every person will find his personal interest in shows and Movies here.

Amazon Prime:

This one is a baby compared to the timing of its release. This one is a pretty new one into the market and the closest one to India’s people. This streaming service has a lot of different colors of shows and movies for those of Indians. This service has a little lesser list than the top ones, but I am sure it is making its own mark on people and is making a lot of people as its customers. And its price is pretty reasonable too.

Well, this is about its competitors and its information. Disney plus was just a little service once, but now it is something people are waiting to put their time into because it has the best shows and movies, and it has franches with Marvel, so every single marvel movie can be found on this site.

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