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What We Can Learn From Superheroes: Motivation for Studying you Needed 

Many things make superheroes great. You can check the most popular books to pick life lessons. The most valuable thing will be to find themes and traits you can relate to.

College life can get hard. From attending lectures to completing homework, you need to find some inspiration. A hero can endure and persevere despite overwhelming obstacles. Let’s dig deeper into some of the lessons you can learn from superheroes.

Always have alternative plans

Think about Iron Man. He is an iconic character and evolves from being selfish to saving the universe. Being a genius means that he is smart in decision-making. He makes mistakes but wins at the end of the day. It is always a good idea to have alternative plans in life. Always think ahead because things keep on changing from time to time. 

Having alternative plans is good when you are in class and when doing essays. Take your education seriously and remain focused. When it comes to essays, follow the instructions carefully and cite sources properly. The Chicago manual of style citation generator by Edubirdie can simplify your writing. The site will give you citation examples for a research paper or any other writing. By using the citation generator, you will do well in any course and have an easy campus life. 

Choose leaders wisely

Choosing leaders wisely is one of the lessons we can learn from superheroes. You can draw this lesson from the story of Black Panther. The story covered many themes reflecting the realities of life. Besides being a fun movie, the story offers an important lesson on leadership. 

The choice of leaders should be based on their capabilities. The king of Wakanda is chosen from the loyal family. This seems to be unwise and archaic. Clever fighting tactics and strength don’t necessarily make a leader good. To be a good leader, one must have wisdom, intelligence, and vision. They must also be willing to listen to their followers. Their goal should be to improve situations wherever they are. 

Be compassionate to your enemies

Who is your favorite superhero? Maybe your choice of an individual is based on compassion. Whereas it is hard, being compassionate to your enemies is always wise. Think about the story of Black Panther. T’ Challa had a chance to kill his enemies, but he changed his mind and showed compassion.

This is what made him discover the innocence of one of the opponents, including Bucky Barnes. Some of the target individuals were good leaders. M’ Baku and Bucky Barnes became valuable allies, and this made T’ Challa become a better person. 

T’Challa gained a sense of justice and peace. The moments of compassion were quite powerful. People who are controlled by anger and revenge often live in guilt. You should always be driven by hope and sympathy. 

Share your resources with others

Who is your favorite superhero, and why? Looking at the story of Iron Man, Tony came from a rich family. He did not have to work so hard. To become a billionaire. Due to his wealth, he tries to take care of those around him. He makes suits for people and cleans up messes around him.

Do the best you can to help others. These could be people within the college or around the community. If you have an area of strength in your studies, teach others. Making a difference in other people’s lives creates a sense of motivation and inspiration. It also makes you satisfied.

Nationalism is a vice

Nationalism makes a person selfish. Vibranium metal provides Wakanda with many gifts. They could hide from others and work on the resources for self-gain. This kind of isolation came at a cost. Whereas Wakanda is a fictional example, such a case occurs in real life.

When a country fails to participate in the human race, the whole population suffers. Countries such as the United States have a history of doing this. The citizens are often guilty because they don’t participate in global issues. They don’t work towards reducing aggression, nor do they offer solutions to the problems of climate change.

Nationalism is about withholding everything, which is very selfish. Sharing does not only apply to small children. For a long time, Wakanda could not share technology with others. You should learn from Wakanda both within the borders and beyond. Instead of withholding things for personal gain, share with others. 


The big question remains, “what superhero are you”? Superheroes are ordinary individuals, and you, too, can become one. The above lessons are all about what you should do and what you should not do. Read the stories of the significant superheroes and take note of the themes and genres. This will help you to become a better person in school and within the whole community. 

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