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Today we will discuss Why Didn’t Tony Stark Repair Vision? or at Atleast tried to fix it. Marvel fans frequently ask, “tony is so smart, but he does not try to fix Vision for once”. If Vision had been alive, he would have been an asset in battle with Thanos in Avengers Endgame.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, If Marvel wanted, they could have recreated Vision before Endgame. They have no reason to do it. S.W.O.R.D. has a Vision body. But a most important part of Vision or the power source of Vision was Mind Stone, Which became history in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mind Stone was the ultimate power source for Vision. It gave efficient power to run Vision body. We all know that Infinity Stone was very powerful in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That is why there was no other replacement for Mind Stone in terms of technology and other power sources.

Why Didn't Tony Stark Repair Vision
Credit – Marvel

The Vision body needs a power source, but in MCU, the alternative to an unlimited power source of Mind stone is an A.R.C. reactor, but is the A.R.C. reactor capable to run Vision?

Alternative (A.R.C. reactor)

In Vision Body, Marvel can use the A.R.C. reactor as a power source. The truth is, the A.R.C. reactor is not matched for Mind stone. If somehow Marvel found a way to used A.R.C. reactor in Vision Body,

The first draw back in terms of Size – If we compare the size of Mind Stone and A.R.C. reactor, both are hugely different.

The second draw back in terms of power – The A.R.C. reactor is one of the best power sources, but the A.R.C. reactor has its own limitations such as life, maintenance, etc.

Why Didn't Tony Stark Repair Vision
Credit – Marvel

From this A.R.C. reactor is not a good power source option for Vision.

In the Mid Credit scene of WandaVision Episode Eight, Marvel tried to tell us that Wanda’s power is unlimited because Wanda power comes from Chaos magic.

In Avengers Infinity War, Suri tried to remove Mind Stone from Vision head, but the process was too long, and Thanos interfered between the process and took off Mind Stone from Vision head.

Why Didn't Tony Stark Repair Vision
Credit – Marvel

After Thanos snapped, the dead body was in Wakanda, but Suri became dust. S.W.O.R.D. took away Vision body in there headquarter because the full form of S.W.O.R.D. is Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division.

From Avengers Infinity War to till WandaVision timeline, S.W.O.R.D. took many experiments on Vision dead body to bring him back. Finally, New Vision is alive by Tyler Hayward in the WandaVision show.

New Vision which is alive, May Be a kind hearted or purely evil machine just like Utron. We can easily see in the upcoming WandaVision episode.

Now We came on a crucial discussion

Why Didn’t Tony Stark Repair Vision?

Why Didn't Tony Stark Repair Vision
Credit – Marvel

We all know that Tony was injured at the end of Avengers Infinity War and stuck in space around for 20 days. When he came to Earth, his health was too bad. He took many months to recover and his mental state.

After that, he got the responsibility of Morgan Stark and future projects such as time travel and new armour.

The truth is, Vision was not only created by Tony Stark. He is a combination of four minds such as Bruce Banner, Ultron, Tony Stark and Dr Helen Cho, J.A.R.V.S.

Why Didn't Tony Stark Repair Vision
Credit – Marvel

Well, all know, Tony Stark is smart and smart people see all possibility. In the same way, Tony Stark sense this possibility, somehow in the creation of Vision, if Ultron will back, then it would have been impossible to defeat Ultron because most of the avengers were dust.

Before the Endgame, our strongest Avengers were not in full strength. Thor was in depression and became fatty, and Hulk is not Hulk any more.

Maybe, Vision is created before Avengers Endgame, time travelling is not possible, and if time travelling is not possible, the Endgame situation will never happen.

Tony Start did not want to be a superhero any more; this is evident since when Captain America, Black Widow and Ant Man propose the idea of time heist, he refused to help at first, so maybe during the time span between Avengers in Infinity war and avengers Endgame he simply refuses to rebuild Vision.

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