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Peter Parker Was Recruited By Tony Stark In Civil War- Know The Reason

Peter Parker is recruited by Tony Stark in Avengers Civil War, but no one knows the reason. Let us dive into the grounds.


As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many have raised questions about the decisions of Tony Stark. Tony Stark always had the best interests of humanity in mind.

Nevertheless, his choices led to chaos, such as the Ultron scandal and the Avengers civil conflict. Another question that’s been raised following his passing is whether it was wise to invite Spider-Man in the first place at this young age.


Many believed that Peter Parker was too young and thought that Tony was a victim of his powers; however, they revisited Spider-Man Homecoming.

The real motive for him to be recruited might not have been due to the youngster’s potential.

With the words “No Way to Home, which plunged Pete tragically into his life, It is inquired if it was right to put a child into this path of heroism in the first place since the kid was reckless and undeveloped when he was in his teens.

However, thanks to a crucial dialogue in the movie Homecoming, Tony hinted that it was just a matter of needing Peter Parker to address one of the essential aspects regarding his childhood.

If Tony contacted Pete, who was from India, and told him to be quiet following, he bungled the arrest of the Vulture team in Maryland and clarified that the kid was not ready.

Source by Marvel

He dispatched his Iron Man drone to fish his body from the lake. And when Pete declared that he needed to take on more responsibility, similar to when he was fighting and almost defeated Captain America at the German airport during the Civil war, Tony laughed it off.

The tech mogul said that if Cap wanted to, Cap would have wiped his feet with Peter Parker. It makes one think about why he sent Pete to pursue Cap and get the shield.

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It’s evident that Steve was going to pursue the teen, but the act of putting him in the firing line was Tony trying to win support from his enemies.

He had to have known Peter Parker would not remain silent and realized that once he began talking about New York, it would deter Cap.

Like he frequently was, Tony said that Steve would engage with the child and enjoy his jokes. The result was Steve noting how determined Spidey was a good boy and asked Spidey where he was from.

Pete said Queens as well, and Steve said he was born in Brooklyn in a funny but moving moment.

Tony required Peter Parker to naturally deter Cap to allow Cap and War Machine to catch his fellow soldiers, the Winter Soldier.

Key Takeaways

However, it was a smart strategy to appeal to the local dreamers directly from the Big Apple. It backfired because Cap and Team Cap would escape leaving Rhodey injured.

However, it explains the risk that Tony took of using Pete and why, following the incident, he did not intend to take part in any further wild mission.

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