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Will Season 6 of A Million Little Things Exist?

When This is Us ended last May, many fans were left in need of a new family drama show to replace it. Many viewers loved This is Us for its authentic family vibe and strong emotions. After the sixth and final season aired, many viewers soon began watching A Million Little Things, a similar family drama. If this is the first time you’ve heard about this popular show, it might be time to give it a go. What sets this TV drama apart is the strong friendship between characters, painting the picture of a family beyond blood ties. This underlying theme has remained the same throughout each season of the show, and we anticipate that it will continue throughout season 5.

Season 5 of A Million Little Things is currently airing on Wednesday evenings on ABC. Back in early November of 2022, the executive producer of the show hinted that the 5th season would be the final season of the show. He acknowledged that this may come as a disappointment for fans, however, stated that he only ever anticipated the show would last for 5 seasons.

Change of Plans: Will there be a Season 6 of A Million Little Things?

If you’re a fan of this family-friendly drama, perhaps you’ve already accepted there won’t be another season. Maybe you’ve already found something else to fill your time, such as playing Ignition online poker. This sounds like something that Gary from the show would do too! However, you may just be surprised to hear there might still be hope for season 6 of A Million Little Things. 

It appears series creator DJ Nash might have reconsidered his initial statement about the show only lasting for 5 seasons. In a recent interview with TV Insider, he changed his initial stance, noting that there is a possibility for the sixth season. In the interview, he discussed that the show’s storyline was written with the potential for a follow-up in the future.

Why the Change of Heart

Wondering why the change of heart from executive producer DJ Nash? We think this change could be for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, he did note that the idea of ending this show is difficult for him. He said that he does not want this to be “goodbye” and feels personally connected to the cast and the deeper meaning of this TV drama. 

This change of heart leaves a more positive outlook for fans upset about the ending of this show. Whether the return of this show could be next season or many years down the road, we simply don’t know. Of course, there’s always a chance the show will never return, despite the current rumors. We’ll simply have to wait to find out!

Season 5 TV Viewership Ratings

Of course, the potential of a return for season 6 of A Million Little Things depends on viewership ratings. Unfortunately, the fifth season currently airing is not living up to expectations for viewership. When compared to viewership in season 4, viewership is down 2% in the live-same-day rating and 16% in streaming.

At the present time, the show has only aired 6 episodes of the season. This means there is still plenty of time for viewership ratings to increase as the show runs through the season. Past seasons of this show have had approximately 18 to 20 episodes. We hope this show sees a sharp increase in viewership soon, as shows with low viewership are often bumped from TV line-ups.

What Will Happen in Season 5 of A Million Little Things

For those of us currently watching Season 5, there’s much to speculate about what will happen in the last season. If this is the final season that will air of A Million Little Things, we expect lots of action this season. Will the end of the season leave us questioning what comes next, or will the producers make storylines come to an end?

Fans of A Million Little Things love the show for more than just the drama. This show focuses on many trending issues, including raising awareness for mental health conditions. The show highlights real-life concerns, such as depression in men, homelessness, sexual assault, gay and lesbian issues, and so much more. As such, executive director DJ Nash notes that he is proud of how much impact this show has made in raising awareness about these issues. 
Will A Million Little Things return for season 6? Or will season 5 be the final season of this beloved show? Only time will tell. In the meanwhile, if you are looking for other drama-filled shows, you might also like the Outer Banks. It is an intriguing action-adventure mystery, created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke.

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