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Yuri is My Job Season 2: Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions

Yuri is My Job Season 2, will it be renewed?

Yuri animes have their separate fanbase, and while not everyone may appreciate this genre, it presents exciting and intriguing storylines.

One of the upcoming series in the Spring 2023 lineup includes the anime adaptation of Miman s’ manga series, Yuri is My Job.

The story follows high schooler Hime Shiraki with an angelic voice, an innocent personality, and a cute face that attracts onlookers.

However, looks can be deceiving as she might appear as a princess; deep inside, Hime only cares about herself with the sole purpose of marrying a wealthy suitor.

In order to realize her aspirations, she consistently portrays a captivating image to win the favor of others, revealing her genuine character to only a select few.

On a certain day, an unfortunate incident occurred where a café manager named Mai Koshiba was injured. To maintain a professional decorum, Hime, one of our responsible staff members, offered to assist by covering some of Ms. Koshiba’s shifts.

Hime has taken up the position of a waitress at a café that doubles as a theatre. The café’s unique feature is the portrayal of a fictional all-girls boarding school, Liebe Girls Academy, by the staff.

Despite the painstaking effort to keep her face, Hime struggles at the café and often is subjected to rebukes from her coworkers.

Can Hime adjust to her unrelenting new job, or will her real personality seep through is the central plot of the show.

The first season of Yuri is My Job received a favorable response from viewers, and following its conclusion, there has been speculation regarding the possibility of a second season.

We would like to bring to your attention that we have the latest news and updates on the upcoming Yuri is My Job Season 2. To access the information needed, please kindly scroll down.

Yuri is My Job is rated 6.7/10 and ranked #5476 with 45k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS The Yuri is My Job SeaSon 2 release date
Source by Studio Passione and Lings

The first season of “Yuri is My Job” was broadcasted from April 6th, 2023 to June 22nd, 2023 with a total of 12 episodes.

At present, there has been no official communication from Passione and Lings studios regarding the status of the renewal of “Yuri is My Job” Season 2. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

Yuri is My Job Season 16th April 2023
Yuri is My Job Season 2Yet to be Announced

As mentioned earlier, Yuri is My Job Season One was well received by fans and critics with charming characters and a clever plot twist.

However, Yuri is My Job could not make it into the top-rated anime list of the Spring 2023 slate.

Nevertheless, the anime keeps the viewers hooked throughout its run, which is further evidenced by its IMDB user episode ratings.

Yuri is My Job Episode 17.0
Yuri is My Job Episode 27.2
Yuri is My Job Episode 37.1
Yuri is My Job Episode 48.1
Yuri is My Job Episode 57.6
Yuri is My Job Episode 67.8
Yuri is My Job Episode 77.7
Yuri is My Job Episode 88.0
Yuri is My Job Episode 97.6
Yuri is My Job Episode 107.8
Yuri is My Job Episode 117.8
Yuri is My Job Episode 127.4
Source: IMDB

Study Passione is not exactly a massive production house. As a result, it’s only able to produce a maximum of two animes per year, and currently, two or three projects are scheduled for future release.

But considering the popularity of Yuri is My Job season one, the studio will be keen on a renewal, especially with 8 volumes available for producing a sequel.

All in All, we can expect an update on Yuri is My Job Season 2 trailer and Yuri is My Job Season 2 release date by 2025.


Source by Studio Passione and Lings

atashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu manga is written and illustrated by Miman. It began serialization in Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime on 18th November 2016. 

The manga series titled “Yuri Is My Job!” has been successfully compiled into 12 volumes. The latest issue of the series was released on 17th May 2023. In recognition of its quality, the series was shortlisted among the top 20 finalists in the Niconico and Da Vinci’s Next Manga Awards in 2018.

As of May 2023, the number of copies in circulation for volumes 1-12 of “Yuri Is My Job!” has reached one million. This significant achievement is indicative of the widespread success and appeal of this work within the relevant circles

atashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu manga is rated 7.4/10 and ranked #3076 with 8.4k members on MyAnimeList


Yuri is My Job Season 2 PLOT
Source by Studio Passione and Lings

In the final episode of Yuri is My Job Season One, “Welcome to Summer at Liebe Girls’ Academy!” with the political race over, Mai presents summer outfits; however, there are concerns it makes Mitsuki’s bosoms excessively self-evident. 

While Mitsuki herself demands it is fine, the clients can’t resist the urge to gaze. Hime desirously conceals them by going about the entirety of Mitsuki’s responsibilities. 

In the meantime, Kanoko is awkward going about as Sumika’s Schwestern out in the open. 

Sumika later has Mitsuki conceal her bosoms under a scarf in the event a client grumbles until Hime tells her she shouldn’t feel embarrassed, causing Mitsuki gladly disposes of it. 

In any case, she is bothered by the misconception Hime’s case, she needs her body. 

Mai presents new assortments of tea considering the servers’ characters which they ought to prescribe to clients. 

Hime, who has no sense of taste for tea, couldn’t actually differentiate and battle while depicting the flavors to clients. 

After Mitsuki salvages her, she berates Hime until she has remembered the names and kinds of each and every tea on the menu. 

Hime seeks retribution by misbehaving before clients where Mitsuki must be pleasant to her consistently, which the two brothers and disturbs her simultaneously.

Yuri is My Job Season one covered till Chapter 22 of the manga, which means Yuri is My Job Season 2 will begin by adapting Chapter 23.

Upon declining the early birthday present from Hime, Mitsuki came to the realization that she might have inadvertently rejected her friend’s thoughtful gesture, which is not the first time she has done so.

Unfortunately, on the scheduled day of the celebration at Liebe Academy, Mitsuki was unable to attend due to being bedridden with a cold. In light of this, Hime took it upon herself to visit Mitsuki and inquire about her health. During their conversation, Mitsuki seized the opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings.

Hime is struggling to regain focus on her work after being taken aback by Mitsuki’s earnestness. With the recent recovery of the manager’s arm, the salon now has a complete staff, raising the question of whether Hime’s presence is still required.

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Source by Studio Passione and Lings

Yuri is My Job is directed by Hijiri Sanpei and scripted by Naoki Hayashi. Characters are designed by Taisuke Iwasaki, and the music is composed by Megumi Oohashi.

The animation series ‘Yuri is My Job’ has been produced by the renowned studios Passione and Lings, under the art direction of Yukao Ogawa.

We are pleased to share with you the list of voice cast members who have lent their talents to the characters of the series.

 Mitsuki AyanokōjiSumire Uesaka
 Hime ShirasagiYui Ogura
 Nene SaionjiAsami Seto
 Sumika TachibanaMakoto Koichi
 Kanoko AmamiyaMinami Tanaka
 Mai MikoshibaYukari Tamura
 ShimamotoChinatsu Akasaki
 Yōko GoeidōShizuka Itou


Source by Studio Passione and Lings

The prospects of Yuri is My Job Season 2 happening looks good, but it could be a while before the studios renew for a sequel.

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