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Date A Live Season 5: Everything You Need To Know

Date A Live Season 5, is it renewed?

Spring 2013 was an excellent time for rom-com anime with series like The Devil is a Part-Timer! My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Mushibugyo, and Oreimo hit the small screen with massive success.

However, one series which has stood the test of time since then has been the anime adaption of Kōshi Tachibana s’ light novel, Date a Live.

The premise is set in a world wherein Eurasia s’ center was destroyed by a spatial quake resulting in 150 million deaths. The big quake was followed by more minor quakes for the next years, causing further damage to the world.

The story follows high schooler Shido Itsuka who, while saving her sister from one of these quakes, meets a mysterious girl at its source who is revealed to be a spirit from a different world.

Shido s’ adoptive sister, Kotori, explains that these spirits are the real cause of the quakes as in when they manifest into the real world. Kotori also pilots the airship Fraxinus and is part of a crew from the organization called Ratatoskr.

Due to his ability to seal the power of the spirits, Shido is also recruited into the organization. However, the task isn’t simple as sealing a spirit s’ power requires Shido to make the spirit fall in love and kiss him.

Not many are in favor of sealing the Spirits as opposed to eliminating them, which is what the Anti-Spirit Team backed by EM (Deus Ex Machina) Industries, a conglomerate led by Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, intends to do.

They also see a possibility to exploit the spirit s’ magical power and use it for their evil deeds.

Can Shido seal all the spirits while facing competition among them for his attention is the central plot of the show.

Date A Live is one of the harem rom-com which promises fan service and a loose plot which, to be fair, has its separate fanbase who most likely are wondering when will the next installment come out.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Date A Live Season 5.

Date A Live is rated 7.1/10 and ranked #3265 with 969k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS THE Date A Live Season 5 release date
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Date A Live Season One aired from 6th April 2013 to 22nd June 2013 for 12 episodes. The series was renewed for a second season which ran from 12th April 2014 to 14th June 2014, with ten episodes.

Date a Live season 3 ran from 11th January 2019 to 29th March 2019 for 12 episodes. A fourth season aired from 8th April 2022 to 24th June 2022 for 12 episodes.

On 24th June 2022, the show s’ official Twitter account confirmed that Date A Live Season 5 has been greenlit for production. The announcement was followed by a brand new key visual for the fifth season.

Unfortunately, neither Date A Live Season 5 trailer nor the Date A Live Season 5 release date was revealed.

Date A Live Season 16th April 2013
Date A Live Season 212th April 2014
Date A Live Season 311th January 2019
Date A Live Season 48th April 2022
Date A Live Season 5Yet to be Announced

Now in its fifth season, Date a Live has come a long way despite the five-year gap between the second and third seasons.

Furthermore, each season has been produced by a new studio which further evidences the fact that the series is still in high demand.

The official Date A Live Season 5 release date is not announced yet, but we can expect it to arrive on Crunchyroll in either Summer or Fall 2023.

Check out the announcement of Date A Live Season 5 below:


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Date A Live light novel is written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. Fujimi Shobo published it from March 2011 to March 2020 under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint. 

The light novel has been collected into 22 volumes, with the latest issue released on 19th March 2020.

Date a Live light novel is rated 8.1/10 and ranked #425 with 16k members on MyAnimeList

Date A Live manga is written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Ringo. It began serialization on 16th April 2016 2012, but due to the ill health of Ringo, the manga had to be cancelled after six chapters.

A spin-off manga titled Date AST Like ran from March 2012 to December 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age. The manga has been collected into four volumes, with the latest issue released on 8th March 2014.

Date a Live manga is rated 7/10 and ranked #7510 with 6k members on MyAnimeList

Date A Live series has sold 6 million copies worldwide.


Date A Live Season 5 PLOT
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In the finale of Date a Live season 4, “Cycle of Salvation,” Kurumi confesses that she doesn’t deserve redemption after trying to kill the Spirit of Origin.

She offers herself to Shido so he can give up his powers but is faced with a Nibelcolle. 

Kurumi clears the clones but collapses due to exhaustion, while a duplicate Kurumi appears to inform Shido of her attempt to protect him from the DEM.

She reveals that the DEM has already killed him 204 times, but Kurumi undoes it every time, thus reviving him.

Shido wonders why Kurumi doesn’t let him die and take all of his power, to which the alternate Kurumi replies that she has fallen in love with him.

The real Kurumi wakes up and comes across Phantom, who has been behind the creation of the Spirits.

The real and alternate Kurumi takes down Phantom, who is revealed to be Reine, and gets taken to the realm.

The episode ends with Shido returning to Ratatoskr and informing the organization of Kurumi s’ actions.

Date A Live Season 4 ended on Volume 16 of the light novel, which means Date A Live Season 5 will begin by adapting Volume 17: Kurumi Ragnarok.

A massive showdown is in store for the fifth season between Ratatoskr and Dem as Shido is ready to die.

But Kurumi, who is often dubbed as the worst spirit, has prevented Shido s’ demise from happening by putting herself in a time loop.

Shido informs the other Spirits of Kurumi s’ intentions of shouldering the fate of the entire world.

DEM s’ forces are mobilized to kill Shido, while in response, Ratatoskr retaliates along with the Spirits to prevent Shido s’ death.

Date A Live Season 5 characters and their flashback will expose more secrets which also includes the human connection and origin of the Spirits.

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Source by Geek Toys

Date a Live anime is directed by Keitaro Motonaga with series composition by Hideki Shirane. Characters are designed by Satoshi Ishino, and the music is composed by Go Sakabe. 

As mentioned previously, the series has been produced by a new studio in each of its four completed seasons.

The first season was produced by Anime International Company, after which Production IMS took over for the second season.

In the Third season, once again, we saw a change as J.C. Staff took the helm and handed the baton to Geek Toys for season four.

As of writing, it is not confirmed whether Geek Toys will stick around for Date A Live Season 5 or a new studio will follow suit from previous seasons.

You can find the list of Date A Live characters and voice cast below:

 Tohka YatogamiMarina Inoue
 Shido ItsukaNobunaga Shimazaki
 Hiroto TonomachiAnri Katsu
 Kurumi TokisakiAsami Sanada
 Reine MurasameAya Endo
 Kotori ItsukaAyana Taketatsu
 YoshinoIori Nomizu
 Tamae OkamineKaori Sadohara
 Mana TakimiyaMisato
 Origami TobiichiMisuzu Togashi
 Kyōhei KannazukiTakehito Koyasu
 Ryōko KusakabeAo Takahashi
 KawagoeGo Inoue
 MikimotoKentarō Tone
 Mii FujibakamaMidori Tsukimiya
 Ryōko’s MotherRieko Kamenaka
 Ai YamabukiRisako Murai
 ShiizakiSatomi Akesaka
 Superior officerShigenori Sōya
 MinowaTomoko Usami
 Mai HazakuraKayoko Tsumita


Source by Geek Toys

Date A Live Season 5 ironically hasn’t got a date yet, but we expect it not to be stood up and arrive soon.

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