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Matrix 4: The Matrix Resurrections First Footage Shows Keanu Reeves’ Return As Neo

Do you remember how fascinating life was back when we were children, when there were no clusters of tensions, when there was no worry of going late to the job when there was no such stress of income hike at the workplace when there was less freedom but unlimited fun and castles full of joy and happiness? However, all these things have somewhere lost in the middle of chaos, anxiety, and depression, but what if I tell you that all these exciting events consisting of joy, happiness, and relieves can now discover in movies, television series, web series, and anime. Yes, you read it right.

The memories that we built during childhood are back in the form of good shows that are easy to find on internet websites and web portals. One such known movie is the matrix. This article will focus on the fourth part of the matrix, i.e. matrix 4, matrix 4, MLS matrix, Toyota matrix, Toyota matrix, the identity matrix.

Let us first throw some light on all the parts of matrix movies till now.

All About Matrix Movie

Matrix 4
Matrix 4

The Matrix movie is a well known American film directed by Wachowskis and produced by the famous enthusiastic fellow “Joel Silver”. The matrix show is all about a technique that is always ready to produce something valuable with fewer resources and maximum input of efforts exaggerated by standalone experience. As told by various experts and media tellers, the story tells us about a “cyberpunk”.

Those who didn’t understand the word “cyberpunk” means anyone so crazy about the technology that can vastly innovate influential things useful for the whole universe. The matrix movie has 4 parts, which are discussed below:-

1. The Matrix (1999)

The first part of the matrix enlightened us about fictional characters interested in bringing technology to the table of many stakeholders, buyers, sellers, and normal people.

2. The Matrix Reloaded (15th May 2003)

The matrix reloaded was the second part in the first part, which was released in 1999. However, viewers’ expectations did not match because of the low output by the cast and the graphics extensively used in the movie.

3. The Matrix Revolutions (5th November 2003)

After a huge success of the first part of the Matrix Movie, Viewers waited for the second and third parts. On the one hand, the second part wasn’t up to the spectators’ expectations, the third part of matrix film proved to be a great show, thereby giving the producers a vast amount of profits.

4. The Matrix Resurrections (22nd December 2021)

The matrix part 4 is set to release on 22nd December 2021, starring Keanu Charles Reeves, Carrie Anne Moss and Priyanka Jonas Chopra. With a breathtaking actor like Keanu Charles, Part 4 is expected to break all the previous records by setting the cinemas on extreme fire.

Controversy Related to the Footage

Matrix 4
Matrix 4

With the upcoming matrix 4, there have been some great and enormous controversies related to footage released a few days back. According to the footage, the show is all about some pills that take humans to some other world and make sure that they return from that particular destination. The interesting part of the footage is that it showcased the skills of brisk actor Keanu Charles.

Interestingly, there are two narrators for each respective pill. The red pill, which is the one that freed Neo from the simulation all those years ago, is always narrated by Adbul-Mateen’s character. In contrast, the blue pill, the one that would’ve kept Neo inside the matrix, is narrated by Harris’ character.


While it is controversial that matrix 4 footage is a marketing strategy to attract more profits from the movie, it is also analyzed that this may have leaked from the sources of the production team. The teaser of matrix 4 is all set to release this Thursday, which will briefly enlighten us about the movie, i.e. matrix 4

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