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Mr Beast’s YouTube Video Showed Real Life Squid Tournament| Watch Now on YouTube

Mr Beast is slowly and steadily becoming a YouTube sensation because he successfully displayed the squid game characters.


Mr Beast is all over YouTube because of the series squid game, which is becoming popular worldwide. Squid game characters are extensively featured in the Mr Beast video.

The insights

You have seen squid games featuring many famous characters, which were seen in different roles and all of them fighting with several financial problems.

All the characters with their respective roles were again featured in the Mr Beast video. He implied how significantly they fight against each other to earn that specific hefty amount of money.

We have seen a blend of politics, dedicated efforts and too filled with fear of dying because they already knew one wrong step in any game could lead them to both the losses, i.e. money and their respective life’s.

Netflix was the one who made a goal and targeted a super-duper science and fictional tale consisting of different tournaments.

Moreover, the show followed a crisp twist in which we saw deadly consequences of losing the games, i.e. red light, green light and tug of war.

For everyone playing a new game in the series was no less than a great twist because they were not aware of any game whatsoever in the beginning.

The show became so successful that the director of squid game, i.e. Hwang Dong-Hyuk, is planning for the second season to take everything forward with what he left in the first season.

Nevertheless, it did not stop here as you tuber Mr Beast also tried something exciting for the viewers. He has notably seen some cool stuff in his youtube video content.

Mr Beast squid game show was somewhat similar to that shown in the real squid game as it has the same games performed in squid game by the actors. Nevertheless, one thing which was the same throughout the YouTube video was the prize money, i.e. $456,000.

Squid Game Season 2 Is In Development
Squid Game Season 2 Is In Development

If we refer to the video, then it won’t be wrong to say that Mr Beast did a fabulous job by following it every bit, not just the costumes but also the sets.

He created the games in a different and very cool format, wherein he specifically inserted new things in place of the death traumas.

However, on the same note, Mr Beast comprehensively tried to cover everything from rules to costumes and the games. For instance, instead of having the contestants all get in a rumble to thin their numbers.

Mr Beast has them play the recruitment game from the show. Another concession is made when the final game is not Squid Game but a much more American-friendly game of musical chairs.


It is conclusive to say that there are crucial differences between both the Mr Beast squid game and the real squid game.

On one side, the real squid game showed us a dark side of the world. Mr. Beast was a short version of fun and creativity wherein he tried his best to make the public go excited and happy with the content.

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