Starfox Officially Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Major Role

Starfox has now officially joined the marvel cinematic universe in a major role that may get liked by the audience.


Starfox, originally named Harry styles, is in controversy as the news of him joining the Marvel cinematic universe is officially released on all the platforms.

Let us get into the detail of the article and learn about the Starfox character.

Harry Styles, AKA Starfox

Harry Styles is a well-known English singer who is well versed in singing talent and the art of making people go crazy after him.

He has mostly made his name using his singing talent and a clear product of hard work, struggle, and dedication.

Harry’s styles have also been a start at the British music competition series, where he was able to pack the awards that we deserved well efficiently.

Harry Styles, AKA Starfox, never relied on anything granted to him by way of favor or anything else that might have benefitted him in any small or big way.

New Projects

Starfox Officially Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Major Role
Starfox Officially Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Major Role

Despite being an English singer, harry styles, Starfox, has been officially captured in the new marvel movie project. Harry Styles, aka Starfox, a former Mouseketeer, has finally announced his role as Starfox in the marvel movie eternal.

But where did he get the part?

And how did this seemingly unassuming teen star of the marvel cinematic universe show gain such popularity with moviegoers? According to a press release,

The movie’s synopsis has been online for a while but has not yet been released to the general public. We’ll find out more about the story later on in this article, but for now, let’s just focus on Harry Styles, aka Starfox.

Why did marvel cinematic universe decide to feature Harry Styles, AKA Starfox in eternal? Because he’s perfect for the character, as implied that he has the heart of a leader.

He is an example of the strong man that America needs right now. After all, there are many threats to peace and security in the world today. With his super-strength, Harry can prove to be an asset to America and her allies.

Many people have mixed reactions to Harry Styles as a lead character in the movie. Some appreciate his strong personality, while others think it’s a misfit for the character.

Starfox Officially Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Major Role
Starfox Officially Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Major Role

Some fans compare him to Sam Wilson from the television show, while others think they look quite different.

Here are some things to think about regarding Harry Styles, AKA Starfox, and his role in the upcoming Captain America movie.

First, it’s good to hear that fans haven’t forgotten about Harry Styles, aka Starfox, since the television show ran several years ago. Since then, he’s appeared in some movies, notably World War Hulk and the Captain America blockbuster.

Now, he is back in action, this time as a member of the eternal.

Nevertheless, fans aren’t just loving his appearance in the new films. They are also enjoying his dialogue, which is surprisingly good. It is especially true in the “eternal,” where he has a few heated exchanges with Bucky Barnes.

Most of the dialogue is witty and entertaining. It’s a plus, especially seeing that some of the dialogue we get in the newest movies has been less than impressive.

In addition, to good dialogue, Harry Styles, aka Starfox, also has a couple of interesting costume changes in the eternal. We saw him wearing a red and white suit, which is a more modern take on the classic costume.

It’s a great chance for a character that originally looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. Costume-wise, he looks fantastic.

Costume aside, Harry Styles, aka Starfox, is simply fantastic in this movie. He is an action hero with skills rivaling those of the Marvel heroes he fights alongside. If you haven’t watched The Winter Soldier yet, you’re missing out.

It is a must-see movie if you are a fan of the marvel superheroes. Stop reading now and do see it when it gets released. You will not regret it.

Starfox Officially Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Major Role
Starfox Officially Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe in a Major Role


There are many similarities between the eternal and other modern films. Most notably, both films use large sets, elaborate costumes, and incredibly choreographed action sequences. However, they also have very different endings.

Do not forget to pick up a copy of the film when it comes out in theaters. That is probably the best way to enjoy it. You will not find a better film this summer.

The cast is incredible, the plot is engaging, and the special effects and stunts that will be telecasted will be impressive. It may be a mainstream film, but it is anything but boring. If you like marvel cinematic movies, then you’ll love eternal.

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