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Top 6 Best Anime Series to Watch on a Date

Are you single and a fan of anime? Where would you normally hang out to connect with other anime aficionados? Bars or coffee shops? Would you check out groups on social media? Here’s a better suggestion: join a world of online dating. Dating websites and apps are focused on compatibility. You can easily search for fellow anime fans. Take as an example igetnaughty dating platform, which will allow you to search for anime fans with the help of special search filters. After that you can start message individuals, than build a rapport. Soon you’ll be planning your first date. When that time comes, how about some suggestions about series to enjoy together? Here are six of the best.

Dragon Ball

This anime series would be an excellent choice for date night, and it’s often cited as being a strong influence on others, as well as a ‘gateway’ into the world of anime for newcomers. It contains all the classic elements of this form of animation, combining fun, goofy characters, and enough action to keep you enthralled. Inspired by a classic Chinese tale from the 16th-century, it follows Goku, a child who gets into martial arts as he grows to adulthood.

Tokyo Ghoul

Originally running to 14 volumes, this dark fantasy describes an alternative dimension inhabited by ghouls. They look human enough, but they have developed a taste for human flesh. They also have superpowers, including skin resistance to normal weapons. Another factor differentiating them from those they see as prey are their eyes: when hungry or turned on, their eyes transform to black and red. In this mind-boggling world, there are also half-humans and half-ghouls, making for an even more enthralling mix of characters.


First published in the late 1980s, Parasyte won the Kodansha Manga Award in 1993, and the manga version has sold 24 million copies to date. The horrifying premise is the arrival on earth of extra-terrestrial creatures in the form of worms that can burrow inside their human hosts’ heads. One enters the central protagonist, Shinichi’s right arm, and takes control of the limb. This separate part of him, acting autonomously, is named Migi. Together, they form a weird but effective bond as they counter the threat of full-blown brain-infecting Parasites.

Attack on Titan

For this anime, we are in a futuristic world where human survivors have been forced to congregate in cities protected by massive walls. Here they are besieged by giant monsters – Titans – who crave the taste of human flesh. After these Titans kill his mother and lay his home to waste, Eren Yeager vows vengeance. His mission is to exterminate the Titans. Selling over 100 million copies of the magazine version of the story, this has become one of the most popular Anime features in history.

Tokyo Revengers

A middle-school student, Takemichi, discovers his ex-girlfriend and younger brother have fallen victim to the Tokyo Manji Gang and been executed. There follows an entertaining plot involving time travel as Takemichi seeks upside-down, his efforts earning respect from the gang leader Mikey. This anime runs to 23 episodes, and it’s worthwhile persevering to follow the twisting storyline. The captivating tale unfolds in five separate arcs, giving you so much to watch and chat about on date night.

The Promised Neverland

A group of orphans discover the sinister truth behind the orphanage that has been their home for as long as they can recall. Set in the year 2045, a Millenium on from ‘The Promise’ that ended a war between humankind and demons, the twist is the demons feasting on their human prey can take on their qualities, preventing them from becoming out-and-out monsters. When the orphans learn the truth about why their orphanage was set up, they embark on a thrilling adventure.

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