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What Is the Price of a Modern Slot Machine?

As someone who often spends money playing slots in casinos, it’s natural to wonder at some point how much these tools cost. Perhaps you’d like to figure out if the prices you pay to play are fair enough, or you think you might have what it takes to start a gambling platform at a point. Casino websites like GGBet, with hundreds of slot games, have to pay a specific price for their platforms’ titles and operation — likewise, every other land-based venue. We have gathered information on these gambling institutions, and we’ll give you a breakdown of how much they pay on average to own a slot machine. 

The Pricing of Slot Machines

The dynamics for costing slot machines are quite different, especially between physical and online casinos. Most of the required money for online casinos is spent on developing these games. Developers and creators of these games have different payment plans. The payment process for online platforms often works in 2 ways:

  • Game licensing agreement;
  • Revenue share model.

Game Licensing Agreement

Ideally, a casino can only use a machine after acquiring the needed licensing for operation. Developers get money by licensing their games to these platforms through documented agreements and other relevant terms and conditions. Casinos pay a certain fee to get authorization to use these games for their audiences.

Revenue Sharing Model

The second standard method most mobile gaming platforms use is the revenue-sharing model. Here, the platform and the game creator agree to share a certain percentage of the revenue generated from these slots. The rate can vary based on the type of machine and game creator.

Moving on, physical casinos have the alternative of buying the slot machine in one go and owning it forever. Sometimes, the machines’ creators can lease it for a couple of years rather than get payment all in one go. Hence, the pricing mechanism for land-based alternatives is an entirely different ball game.

How Much Do Land-Based Casinos Pay to Own Slots?

Slots take a lot of time to develop, and you’d often find their prices at an incredibly high rate. A brand-new one would typically fall within $15,000 to $25,000. Sometimes, you’ll find cheaper alternatives on online marketplaces like eBay or flea market. You could get something as low as $200 from these sites, but these are primarily obsolete and more attractive to collectors. Your budget should exceed thousands of dollars if you want modern slots with better gaming experiences.

Another thing to note is that most gambling establishments prefer to get their tools from reputable manufacturers rather than buy them cheaply from digital marketplaces. While this price might seem excessive to you, the components of making the devices are primarily high expense, and they also go through rigorous licensing processes before they can hit the market. Regardless of your decision, note that licensing and regulations are one step in this business that cannot be avoided. It is the first step you take to start as a casino owner. Let’s look at some major components contributing to the slot’s prices:

  • Integrated Game Board: This component is used to install the software of the slots and ensure that it operates accordingly. The prices generally depend on the quality, but the range is mostly $100-$1000. Game boards are non-negotiable parts of these machines, so they will always be in one;
  • Video Graphic Array (VGA) Converter: VGA is another essential part of these machines, enhancing video quality for gamers. This could cost about $50-$100;
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): LCD is the screen that carries all displays and visuals on the slots. It’s the screen where users see their games and what they play;
  • Security System: Creators include a security system to ensure the machines cannot be hacked or players can’t cheat to win. There is also the cash dispenser, which releases cash prizes without supporting any manipulation;
  • Slot Housing: If you’re thinking this particular component is self-explanatory, then you are right. This part of the device encompasses every other element in the game.

Buying Your Slot Machine

As we’ve already established in this article, there are different ways to own a modern slot machine, depending on the medium of your casino. For an online establishment, you want to get a licensed product from game creators and work with a revenue-sharing model. On the other hand, you could buy the slot machines from a reputable provider if you’re working with a land-based establishment. We hope you find this information helpful enough to take your next step and that we have satisfied your curiosity.