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4 Possibility of Black Panther 2 after death

Unfortunately, we have lost a great actor Chadwick Boseman our black panther his role as black panther can never be replaced in our hearts. His movie black panther has already connected us all together, which destroyed racism and told us that everyone could be a hero. Due to his sudden demise, we all are heartbroken. The marvel which gave us black panther have already announced black panther two where we would miss him, but we doubt how they can make black panther two without our black panther aka Chadwick Boseman. we concluded some way that marvel could deal with this significant loss

  1. The new casting of Black Panther

Marvel could cast a new actor for the role of the black panther as they did of Rodey and Hulk. Which is a possible alternative as the black panther was already under work, but the real black panther is irreplaceable, and no one could take the place of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

  1. CGI Chadwick Boseman

Marvel is great at CGI work many people don’t know that during the production of Iron Man 3 Robert Downy Jr. was not available at many moments due to his health issues. Still, marvel made the movie without him through the help of CGI, and no one knew that until they told that publicly. Marvel can do that same with Black Panther, but they might not do that.

  1. Marvel Resumes story with this

Marvel may account this event in their storyline so that they could continue their continuity and pay a proper tribute to Chadwick Boseman as they could begin the story with the plot point that Black Panther is missing or dead and to avenge his brother Shuri finally pickups the mantle of Black Panther and becomes the new Black panther. She might learn the lessons which her brother learned, and that makes her new queen of Wakanda.

The story could be a thriller or mystery where the plot could revolve around finding missing Black Panther or the reason for Black Panther’s death which somewhere connects to Namor the new character rumoured to be featured in Black Panther 2. Where Shuri might rage war against his kingdom for his brother but later comes to realize that Vengeance has consumed her, and then finally she becomes the true Queen of Wakanda. This story has a lot potential as this way we could see Chadwick Boseman getting proper tribute as black panther during the movie, and we could also see him in soul world where Shuri talks to him, but that would be CGI.

  1. New Black Panther

Since we know that In future the multiverse is introduced in Marvel Movies So there could be a possibility that they could show a new black panther of someone else universe as the storm and Black Panther are together so there may be a unique possibility to show that this Black Panther is only Avenger Not the king of Wakanda.

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