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The Arrival of Lady Loki from Loki Comics Make Loki Weaker

With the second episode of the Loki series, MCU indicates that the God of Mischief is not as strong as he was in Phase 1(Lady Loki). An Unknown nemesis is waiting for Loki in the second episode of Loki. At the end of the episode, the nemesis was revealed as another evil variant of Loki – lady Loki who has been previously mentioned in Loki comics.

Lady Loki – female Loki from Loki Comics introduced in MCU

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To defeat lady Loki, the God of mischief will need all of his power and weights as before. But right now, it’s sad that I seem to have the low hand in the situation, given the significant changes in his powers.

Soon Loki and T.V.A. find out that global catastrophe sites are the hiding place for the female Loki and encounter her in a Roxxkart superstore. The new variant of Loki has the power to snatch bodies to avoid fighting Loki herself.

Loki has gotten weaker in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4

Why Loki laughs when he sees Infinity War's Loki Death
Credit – Marvel

In one such fight and imposing Roxxkart patron decides to get violent, unlike the other two who chose verbal taunting. It appears that Loki is not as impressive as he was in combat at the end of phase one. In Avengers (2012) battle, Loki was a fearful fighter, even though he’s smaller in physique than many heroes and villains.

What happened to the Loki from the first three phases

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One time he single-handedly invaded S.H.I.E.L.D. Base proving that he’s more potent than many humans at once. Now, imagine the same Loki getting beaten up by an average shopper. Yes, the shopper was more oversized, but given Loki’s Frost Giant D.N.A. and Asgardian upbringing, the battle was disappointing to watch. Therefore, Loki has become weaker in Phase 4.

In the last three phases, Loki has proven that he’s a great warrior and fighter from time to time. Loki’s invasion of Earth tops the list, followed by his battle to escape Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok, where he joins forces with Thor’s Revengers reminding us that he possesses fighting skills along with his tricks.

Is that’s how Loki’s Character going to end like other MCU characters?

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Credit – Marvel

To see him getting knocked out by an average is seriously disappointing to his past combat and battles. But this isn’t the first time Marvel has done this to a powerful character. The most prominent example of this is Vision, and he was brought down from being the Genius Robo-God of MCU to a love-sick husband doing a 9 to 5 job which once almost killed a teammate.

Though Loki’s downfall is not as bad as Vision’s or Bucky’s, who faced a similar fate, it shows MCU’s tendency of downgrading characters into a less powerful narrative framework.

Why Loki laughs when he sees Infinity War's Loki Death
Credit – Marvel

Now that the Eternals will join the Marvel Universe in Phase 4, that may be even more of an issue. We hope that before that, Marvel will restore Loki’s character to a state of redemption. As the Loki series continues to paint him in low light compared to the godly powers of the T.V.A. and The Timekeepers, we hope he’ll get back on track soon as the God Of Mischief he once was.

Loki will need his strength back as he needs to take on the Timekeepers and the evil variant on himself. So let’s hope our notorious Loki will be back soon and that with a bang.

Why Loki laughs when he sees Infinity War's Loki Death
Credit – Marvel

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