Batman Robert Pattinson Goes Scary To Stop The Riddler in the Batman Trailer

Batman Robert Pattinson, in a much-awaited movie, Batman, goes scary to stop the riddler, stay connected to know more.


Well, yes, the excitement is real. Warner Bros and DC’s Batman are all set to hit the theatres, most likely next year. In the middle of chaos, Batman Robert Pattinson will be most probably seen in the movie.

However, Batman Robert Pattinson will even be seen to stop the riddler.

Let us throw the light on the controversy through this article.

About the Movie

Batman Robert Pattinson Goes Scary To Stop The Riddler
Batman Robert Pattinson Goes Scary To Stop The Riddler

The excitement for the batman movie, which was set to release in 2021, will now be landing in the cinemas in March 2022. The film was rescheduled because of covid, which hit the whole country in 2021.

The production house was not ready to start with the shooting amongst the virus being spread all over the world.

Now that the fans are all overexcited again, the movie will likely give Goosebumps and drown you in the ocean of action, drama, and suspense that will be instilled deep in your minds.

We must look at the main character of the movie, i.e., Batman, Robert Pattinson.

Batman Robert Pattinson

Batman Robert Pattinson Goes Scary To Stop The Riddler
Batman Robert Pattinson Goes Scary To Stop The Riddler

Now that the movie is all set to put its legs in the cinemas next year in March, the trailers are being released to give a general view to the fans waiting eagerly for the movie.

The very first trailer has shaken us with the lead character marked as Batman, Robert Pattinson. You saw that right. At first, it might have seemed to be false or delusional.

However, it is what it is; Robert Pattinson will be playing the role of Batman in the movie, and it can be seen in the trailer chasing Riddler (Paun Dano).

The fans are surely excited about the movie, but they are unaware that Batman Robert Pattinson will be only featured to them when the shooting is completed. Still, there are no such leads about whether the shooting is completed or not.

However, the size of the trailer is telling us that it is not yet completed.

The movie’s second trailer is also likely to come during the end of the year that may unlock the new characters of the batman movie. The first trailer has introduced the riddler, i.e., Paun Dano, but there are still allegations that the real villain is the linchpin.

Batman Robert Pattinson Goes Scary To Stop The Riddler
Batman Robert Pattinson Goes Scary To Stop The Riddler

Apart from the role of villains in the movie, the most considerable part of the film is the greatness of the trailer, in which Batman Robert Pattinson is showcased. The thrill he offered through his acting skills is commendable to the extent that it gained a mass viewership.

The movie indicates that the scariness of Batman Robert Pattinson leads us to believe that he will be violent and harmful to his enemies in the film.

Compared to the other trailers and movies concerning Batman, this gives us a much clearer view of what we can expect from the villains. Even the scope is much more intense and darker as the thrilling and scariness won’t restrict itself to the trailers.

As for Selina Kyle/Catwoman, she’s not necessarily framed as a villain, so it seems likely The Batman will honor their more complicated dynamic – perhaps even making her an ally of sorts.

Since she seems shocked by Batman’s brutality, she no doubt has a part to play in exploring that aspect of Pattinson’s character i.e Batman Robert Pattinson.


It is conclusive to say that Batman Robert Pattinson will likely give us Goosebumps through its ever-expanding action skills and phenomenal acting, which will probably be the backbone of the batman movie.

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