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Best apps to play rummy games with your friends & family

GetMega Apk

About Get Mega

If you’re seeking a genuine challenge and want to earn genuine rewards, the Rummy game on GetMega is an excellent alternative. Card games are popular among a large number of people, including both older and younger generations. Rummy is a particularly noteworthy type of card game among the many options. It is one of the most popular card games in India, and its popularity has spread throughout the world. The game of rummy is now played effortlessly on the mobile platform against genuine skilled players. You may also join in the excitement by beginning to play rummy online on GetMega, where you will face various obstacles and learn as you gather experience.


  • GetMega offers a unique entertainment experience by combining the thrill of gambling with the excitement of playing for real money. GetMega is India’s most popular online gambling site, so join immediately and start playing your favorite skill-based Card games for real money.
  • GetMega provides a dependable and secure gaming environment in which you may enjoy a wide range of games, both old and new, for real money and have a good time. They demand the highest levels of security, honesty, and fairness when it comes to gaming. 
  • To maintain this promise, they  only include games of skill and only accept individuals who have been thoroughly checked.

Enjoy the classic games of Poker and Rummy. GetMega is the only location where you can play your favorite games alongside others.

 Forest Rummy apk

About Forest Rummy

Rummy is a worldwide phenomenon that is enjoyed by individuals of all ages and walks of life. There are various ways to play the game of rummy. Before completing an initial meld in the Forest Rummy apk edition of Rummy, players must accumulate a total of 51 points. It’s a lot of fun to play this version of the game with individuals from all around the world. Download the Forest Rummy app to play online rummy with your buddies.


  • Forest Rummy offers a variety of Rummy and poker versions.
  • Fantastic bonuses and amazing offers.
  • Interactivity in real time and professionally produced images.
  • Platform that is both engaging and competent.
  • Online customer service with a chat feature.

Rummy Jacks Apk

About Rummy Jacks app

Rummy Jacks is one  great place to play various types of Rummy online with the comfort of your home. The application contains  great quality 2D and 3D animations, which feature Rummy Tables, Attractive Royal Player Avatars. There are a variety of challenging players from all over the world, you’ll get your ‘Money’s Worth Invested’ on the application. Rummy Jacks Apk allows you to make money by playing rummy games.

Rummy Jacks Characteristics

  • You can take all of the excitement and fun with you. It provides a safe and secure multiplayer gaming environment in which you can join in a range of rummy tournaments of your choice. 
  • Multi-table games provide players with a more dynamic and thrilling gaming experience.
  • Thousands of users are actively participating in the platform’s numerous ongoing activities.

Rummy Ola Apk

About Rummy Ola apk

Rummy Ola APK is a modern spin on the old Indian Subcontinent card game. Play live with real players from all around the world, whenever and whenever you choose, in the language of your choice. Download Rummy Ola apk and play a variety of games.

Rummy Ola Features

• Play online with your pals 

• Play in your language – choose from English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi

• Lots of Variations – several game types with more being introduced on a regular basis

• Gifts – send fun and intriguing gifts.

• Chat – send and receive short messages from your friends.

• Works quickly even with a sluggish Internet connection. RummyOla is compatible with any data or WiFi connection.

Rummy Earn Apk

About Rummy Earn app

Rummy Earn gives an opportunity to play various types of Rummy online. Because of the great quality of the 2D and 3D animations. It features Rummy Tables, Attractive Royal Player Avatars along with a variety of challenging players from all over the world. The name of the application suggests that, here not only you can invest your skill but you can also earn a substantial amount of money as well. 

Rummy Earn Features

  • RummyEarn APK is a one-stop shop for playing all of the various types of Rummy available online in India. 
  • The spectacular 2D and 3D animations of Rummy Earn, Attractive Royal Player Avatars, and Several Challenging Players from Around the World will give you your ‘Money’s Worth Invested.

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