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Blood Origin: Filming locations, director updates, and more about the Witcher prequel

Henry Cavill and the rest of the Witcher team finished the second phase projects, but Netflix’s next Witcher project is still in the works: The Witcher: Blood Origin. It is a live action drama series having six parts in it and is leaded with Jodie Turner-Smith and Laurence O’Fuarain. We have got a few more updates and prequel speculations to share with you.

SnapShot of Blood Origin

Blood Origin Filming locations, director updates, and more about the Witcher prequel

Blood Origin would tell a tale lost to time, set in an elven universe 1200 years before The Witcher world – the establishment of the first Witcher prototype and the circumstances leading to the pivotal “conjunction of the spheres” when beast, men and elve realms fuse into one.

Blood Origin Filming locations, director updates, and more about the Witcher prequel

Turner-Smith is going to play Éile, an elite guerrilla goddess who’s betrayed her clan and her Queen’s guardian status to continue her love as a nomadic artist. Through her quest for revenge and salvation, she is forced to stick to the path of the sword by a grand verdict on the continent.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is one of two spinoffs from the hit web series The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill. The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, an animated spinoff film from the streamer, focuses on Geralt’s mentor and the original storey of Witcher Vesemir.

What De Barra has said?

De Barra mentioned “As a lifelong fan of fantasy, I am beyond excited to tell the story The Witcher: Blood Origin”. She added that she had a query to follow through ever since The Witcher novels was first read by her. She asked, what exactly was the Elven universe like before people came to the cataclysm? It has always intrigued her that civilisations are rising and falling and that technology, discovery and culture thrive before this decline.

According to de barra the story of the Elven kingdom before its fall will be told in The Witcher: Blood Origin, as well as the long-forgotten history of the first Witcher.

The Witcher Show Schedule

Filming for The Witcher: Blood Origin, as it has been known for a long time, begins in May 2021 and finishes in September unless there is a break.

While it’s expected that most of the shooting will be made in the UK and in particular the Arborfield Studios which we know well, we also now know that the team may schedule a stay in the Canary Islands as one of the most unforgettable vistas for some season. This news is available on the Manufacturing Weekly website of the industry, which is as accurate in terms of production reports than it gets.

Blood Origin Filming locations, director updates, and more about the Witcher prequel

We have to be vigilant with Covid around to make precise comments about future filming sites. You can remember that, in many countries including Slovakia, Czech Republic and Scotland, the Witcher initially planned to shoot season two but had to stay inside the English frontiers because of this pandemic.

However, January 2021 was not yet an entry on the Canary Islands for Blood Origin on the Production Weekly, and it was definitely a latest extension, and this was recently done.

We’ve just got to be careful and look forward to the best! The Canary Islands will definitely provide the continent with a beautiful setting.

Directors Changed for the show

Blood Origin Filming locations, director updates, and more about the Witcher prequel

As the Witcher: the Blood Origin has already been said, there are six episodes that have recently been tackled by Declan De Barra.

We also conducted some history and operation inspection, which we believe is very likely to share with two applicants.

We think, first of all, that for The Witcher: Blow Origin Sarah O’Gorman, episode manager 3 and 4 of The Witcher Season 2 is staying. She has directed episodes such as Jamestown, The Last Kingdom, and Cursed in the past, and her familiarity with the Witcher universe would be helpful.

There are also some explanations why Vicky Jewson, the writer and producer of the film Born Of War and Netflix original Close, who is renowned for the romantic comedy Lady Godiva. We could not yet confirm this news, to be clear, but she is a possible applicant on the basis of the information we heard.

If the Blood Origin Directors board only includes O’Gorman and Jewson, there may be a third manager. At least when we take the season, we can stick to the formula of the main Witcher show “one-director-per-two scenes.” Otherwise, with the three directors each, the six episodes would be divided into two.

Small group of veterans make the crew

Blood Origin Filming locations, director updates, and more about the Witcher prequel

We can only speculate about Blood Origins’ production value at this point of time, but the fact that most of The Witcher’s core team will still work on the spinoff series is a positive indication. Lauren Hissrich Witcher and Tomek Baginski, Jason F. Brown, Sean Daniel and Jarek Sawsko have all the same service capacity on board. They all have the same service capability.

The man in charge of the concept and production of the beast will again be Andrew Laws, the leading creator of the Witcher. Sean Guest, The Witcher’s first assistant director, will strive to work on the project.

With just one month before filming starts, we hope to hear more shortly about The Witcher: Blood Origin. Be with us for further updates.

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