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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date: Why the Delay?

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most successful anime series, and the anime has seen multiple reboots since it first aired in 1989. The journey of Goku has been fascinating to watch, right from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super had many fans feeling sceptical as Toei Animation took a completely different for the first time in 18 years. The first three episodes had mixed receptions, but the movie Battle of the Gods changed the fortunes of the Dragon Ball Super series.

Fans came around to appreciating the new changes in art style, animation and the story. The action scenes were detailed, and with Goku losing against Beerus, fans got excited for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Speaking of Dragon Ball Super, there has been an indefinite long delay in Dragon Ball Super Season 2, which has left a lot of fans unhappy. The final episode of Dragon Ball Super came out on 5th October 2019, more than two years ago. Since then, the wait for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been long.

We have had a lot of rumours for the second season, but not all of them are true or have been mistranslated. Let’s look into these details and find out when is Dragon Ball Super Season 2 coming out?



Let’s first answer. When is dragon ball super season 2 coming out?

Toei Animation has not released any official date for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 as there are various reasons explaining the delay.

Firstly, the pandemic hit precisely when the first season ended, leaving the producers an impossible task for renewal. Secondly, the studio released the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly in December 2018, which spread out further episodes. Finally, the latest movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, was scheduled to release in April 2022, but it got postponed to 11th June 2022.

In a recent interview, Toei Animator Florence Jay had fans excited after stating, “I am excited about the new anime after Dragon Ball Super”. But this was lost in translation as he originally meant, “It remains to be seen if there is a second season of Dragon Ball Super”.

So, it’s unlikely that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will be coming out anytime soon. But if we were to make a prediction, it can be expected Dragon Ball Super Season 2 to premiere in early 2023.

It’s too early to say, but Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will be shorter than season one, with a rumoured 60 episodes to be in production.



Dragon Ball Super Season one came to an end after the “Universal Survival Arc”. The final episode, we saw our heroes fighting against Jiren. Frieza, Goku and Android 17 manage to defeat him, but Frieza and Goku get eliminated. This leaves Android 17 as the winner of the Tournament of Power.

As the winner, he gets wishes from the super dragon balls to which he wishes back the destroyed world to be restored. This impresses the present and future Grand Zeno, who already knew the tournament’s outcome. As the episode concludes, we see our heroes leaving for their planets, vowing to meet and fight again.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will have lots of exciting plot points to bring out on the screen. It’s shown at the end of the first season that Goku isn’t able to control his Ultra Instinct form. There is a real possibility he does some special training and eventually masters it in Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

The new season will also begin the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc, introducing a new villain in the form of a humanoid goat called Moro. He was released from the Galactic Prison after Grand Supreme Kai s’ seal broke during the destruction of Kid Buu. The prison break also released many powerful prisoners who shall be forming minor characters to take on our fighters.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will be focusing on this storyline which ended in 2020 in the manga.



If you followed the Cell Saga closely, it would not surprise me if Gohan became your favourite character. From a weak fighter and in the shadows of his father, he became the youngest Super Saiyan (after Goten) and the first Super Saiyan 2.

It feels like a long time since that happened, considering his character development has been a bit of a joke. The kid Buu saga had him go to Mystic Gohan, which was supposed to be his ultimate form at that time. Unfortunately, he failed to impress as Goku achieved Super Saiyan 3 and again saved the world.

Over the years, he has got so many transformations (kid and adult) which have done him more harm than good. The memories of his one-handed Kamehameha defeating Cell are almost a distant past. It’s shocking to see how one of the best characters in the franchise became a comic relief (we won’t even mention Super Saiyan Man).

There is still hope that Gohan in the Super series is much more mature and looks to enhance his fighting skills. He has already mastered the Mystic form (Ultimate Gohan), for which he doesn’t even need even Super Saiyan form.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will also be a retributing season for Gohan as he is one of the notable characters in a line for Ultra Instinct Transformation. 

DRAGON BALL SUPER SEASON 2 Cast, Characters and Crew

DRAGON BALL SUPER SEASON 2 Cast, Characters and Crew (1)

The Dragon Ball Super is directed by Kimitoshi Chioka. Toyotarou is the chief illustrator, while Bezerra Wendel is the Animation director.

The Dragon Ball series has a long-standing famous voice cast, and you can find the details below:

Character  Voice Cast
Goku              Masako Nozawa
VegetaRyo Horikawa
GohanMasako Nozawa
Future TrunkTakeshi Kusao
KrillinMayumi Tanaka
PiccoloToshio Furukawa
FriezaRyusei Nakao
BeerusKoichi Yamadera
WhisMasakaza Morita
ChampaMitsuo Iwata
VadosYuriko Yamaguchi
ZamasuShinichiro Miki
Android 17Shigeru Nakhara
JirenEiji Hanawa



Be it movies, anime, cannon, or non-cannon, and Dragon Ball always has a special in our hearts. The delay for Dragon Ball Super season 2 is a long one, but we stay in hope for an official announcement soon.

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