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Do You Know Eternals Movie is Very Important For Phase 4

We are all fond of superheros, aren’t we? We are also well aware how super Fantastic the Marvel’s Avengers Endgame was in the year 2018. However, Marvel’s have come up with the aftermath of “Avengers Endgame and Spiderman: Far from Home” by progressing with the plans of phase 4. These plans include Eternals and they are about to air on November 5th.


It is really important for us to know who these Eternals are. Well, they are a species of immortal humans who possess powers  like the superheros. They existed in the Earth secretly for 1000 years and this time they got reunited to fight with the wicked Deviants.

These eternals are eminently strong, resistant to growing old and have stimulative healing powers. Each of them possess powers which are wild, super strong . They can telephathise situations and fly at an unbelievable speed. They also have a good manipulative ability which can be compared with the level of an atom.

Celestials have created the Eternals and they’re based on a world comic by Jack Kirby.

Story of the Eternals

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Source by Marvel

The story of Eternals takes place when the Earth’s biggest stand-off wakes up along with Thanos. Being a sequel to the Avengers Endgame, the story of Eternals starts when they get reunited due to an unexpected bad event and have to fight against the most bygone enemy of mankind. The enemy in this case is the Deviants. They are the official résumé from the Studio’s of Marvel Reads. They have hidden their real identity and lived among the humans to protect the planet against the lethal matches.

The story of the plot tells us that  an Eternal, whose name is Ikaris, found out that he has lost his memories and they have been surviving in the form of humans for a long time. He is unaware of his origin and the powers he possesses as an Eternal. On realising everything, he wakes up the other Eternals and gets to know about their mission.

Plot of the Eternals: What we know about them

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We will also witness a love triangle and homosexual relationships in this part of Marvel Eternals. So we can make an estimation that the Eternals of Marvel Studios will be filled with romances of the superheros. It will also be more romantic than the other Marvel films.

The plot also includes the arrival of the leader of Eternals, Ikaeden. He evolved  humans from the homo erectus version and used them as his slaves to mine out the raw substances for the Celestial’s use. The Celestials are his bosses along with Kurassus. The Kurassus are a kind of his second commanding bosses in the mission of mining. They have a purpose to undermine Ikaeden and kill his slave girl and son who are very precious to him.

The outline of the plot is to keep some of the original concepts and throw away the useless ones. It will be like a time travel to see the birth of Ikaris and how he developed and met his parents. We will also witness how the Celestials will judge the Earth, flourish and spread themselves in a rude way and how Ikaris and his mates will stop them from destroying the planet as they have done before.


So we can see and imagine how exciting and thrilling the plot of Eternals of Marvel’s can be. The cast of the movie coming out on 5th of November, is also extraordinary and wonderful. The directors have chosen the right people for the characters. We all need to watch the movie to know more besides this about the plot and motive of the Eternals and their fight with their enemies.

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