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Why The Witcher Season 2 Looks a Better Version Than Season 1?

Witcher season 2 trailers are out already, and fans have agreed that season 2 would be an extreme better version.


Witcher season 2 trailers have given flying hopes and courage to the fans who are exclusively waiting for the movie wholeheartedly.

Witcher season 2 has learnt a lot from the mistakes made in season 1, and as a result, season 2 might be the great version.

Let us capture the whole story.

Whole Story

The Witcher Season 2 Looks a Better Version Than Season 1
The Witcher Season 2 Looks a Better Version Than Season 1

On one side, season 1 gave us bundles of enthusiasm and courage to pitch in with some questions.

Witcher season 2 is all set to introduce us to an entirely new world of suspense and the powerful story behind the evolution of all witchers present as present in the witcher season 2.

During the first season, we saw some of the tremendous characters, such as Geralt, who proved to be a prominent lead in the movie.

Season 1 undoubtedly acted as a cluster of mixed reviews, which the filmmakers duly respected. Because of that, they showed their capabilities in the witcher season 2, as it looks a better version this time.

Geralt, in season 1, acted as if he was the real witcher in his personal life. He extended his full support due to which bad performances of some of the characters were hidden.

The witcher season 1 majorly faced allegations based on lack of continuity and minor storyline. Moreover, the viewers also had certain confusions concerning the role played by different characters.

Jaskier Witcher to Appear In The Witcher prequel Blood Origin
Jaskier Witcher to Appear In The Witcher prequel Blood Origin

The trailer of the witcher season 2, though, looks promising and evident to equip us with all the possible sets of answers. According to the news, witcher season 2 is all sorted to be released on December 17, 2021.

After analysing the second season trailer, it seems evident that the filmmakers had focused on the storyline and the timing of dialogues of different characters that were absent in the first season somehow.

Witcher season 2 trailer also shows some adventures in which the actors have applied extra pressure by filming commendable action scenes. It is highlighted that the settings have been filmed at the Nilfgaardian empire.

As we are narrating the scenes in the trailer, it is essential to believe that the witcher season 2 at the same time does not put forth any new things, other than the overpowered action scenes and dark tones used in the film.

The dark fantasy vibes are established in the first season and built upon in The Witcher nightmare of the wolf and the witcher season 2 trailer suggests that it will continue to examine the downfall of the Witcher order in all its macabre glory.

The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We're
The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We’re


Season 1 has shown us a hidden world of witchers. Now, the witcher season 2 would be a remarkable opportunity for both filmmakers and audience to connect with the world of those witchers and associate with them on the other side of the dark world where things seem to be sorted.

Fingers crossed for the second season; let us wait for a massive part this time.

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