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Grant Gustin Talks About Rumors Of Cameo In The Flash

Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on TV, has finally spoken out about the rumors surrounding his possible involvement in the upcoming movie adaptation of The Flash, which features Ezra Miller as the lead character.

Grant Gustin, who portrays The Flash on TV, has responded to speculation regarding his possible appearance in the upcoming The Flash movie. While the TV series is approaching its conclusion, the cinematic version of the iconic superhero’s story, led by Ezra Miller, is set to hit theaters this summer. The movie is intended to be a fresh start for the DC Universe following the conclusion of the TV series.

During an interview with TVLine, the Arrowverse was questioned about the persistent rumors that Grant Gustin will appear in The Flash movie, which have been circulating for the past two years.

Some fans may be curious whether Grant Gustin will make a final appearance as Barry Allen in the upcoming The Flash movie, perhaps through a cameo. The possibility cannot be entirely ruled out, considering that Ezra Miller’s version of the character had already interacted with Gustin’s version during the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s crossover event in The CW’s Arrowverse.

The multiverse concept also allows the reverse to occur in the movie. However, Gustin has denied being part of the movie in any capacity, not even a cameo appearance. Despite Gustin’s denial of involvement in The Flash movie, fans may still doubt his statement, especially considering how Andrew Garfield denied his participation in Spider-Man: No Way Home before it was released.

How Grant Gustin Could Appear In The Flash Movie

How Grant Gustin Could Appear In The Flash Movie
How Grant Gustin Could Appear In The Flash Movie

Although Grant Gustin has denied being in The Flash movie, there is a possibility that he is following in Andrew Garfield’s footsteps during the Spider-Man: No Way Home press tour. As is customary with superhero movies, strict secrecy measures are in place, so even if Gustin were involved, he would be unable to confirm it publicly.

Suppose Gustin were to appear in The Flash. In that case, there are various ways in which his character, Barry Allen, could be featured, as the film explores the concept of the multiverse, as demonstrated by Michael Keaton’s reprisal of his Batman role.

It is possible that even if Grant Gustin did not shoot new scenes for The Flash movie, footage of his portrayal of The Flash from previous episodes could still be utilized. In an episode from the show’s second season, a montage featuring different piles of earth in the multiverse was included as a tribute to various DC media, including Supergirl.

This indicates that it is typical for past iterations of characters to be referenced in the Arrowverse. Additionally, there is precedent for Gustin and Ezra Miller, who portrays The Flash in the movie, to appear together on screen as The Flash.

In the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover event, Ezra Miller made history by being the first DCEU actor to appear in the DC TV franchise. Grant Gustin’s version of The Flash gave Miller’s character his name during this event.

As a result, a cameo by Gustin in The Flash movie would be a fitting continuation of that moment. It is unknown at this time whether the movie will acknowledge their initial meeting during the Arrowverse crossover or include any other nods to Gustin’s portrayal of Barry Allen.

As The Movie Finally Premieres, The Flash TV Show Comes To An End

As The Movie Finally Premieres, The Flash TV Show Comes To An End
As The Movie Finally Premieres, The Flash TV Show Comes To An End

Grant Gustin, who portrayed the character of the Flash in The CW’s Arrowverse in 2014, shared his excitement about the upcoming The Flash movie, saying that as a Flash fan, he can’t wait to see what the movie has in store.

Gustin also mentioned in an interview with TVLine that the announcement of Ezra Miller starring in a solo The Flash film was made just a week after the premiere of The CW series in October 2014. Now, after nine seasons, the TV show is set to conclude before the movie hits theaters, with a gap of only three weeks between the series finale and the film’s release.

The CW’s Arrowverse series, The Flash, which has been running for the most extended period, was announced to end in August 2022. In its final season, consisting of 13 episodes, The Flash, the longest-running Arrowverse series on The CW, will present the team’s last attempt to save Central City, as they come face to face with “a deadly group of Rogues” and a “deadly new adversary [who] rises to challenge Barry Allen’s heroic legacy.”

Season 9 will feature a range of Arrowverse actors, such as Stephen Amell, who portrayed Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Javicia Leslie, who played the Red Death in Batwoman; Keiyan Lonsdale, who played Wally West/Kid Flash; and Nicole Maines, who played Nia Nal/Dreamer in Supergirl, among others.

The forthcoming film from Warner Bros. and DC, titled The Flash, will have Ezra Miller playing dual roles of Barry Allen/The Flash. Sasha Calle will also star as Kara Danvers/Supergirl, while Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will reprise their roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The movie faced multiple development challenges, rewrites, and controversies surrounding its lead actor but finally completed its production in October 2021. Director Andrés Muschietti has claimed that The Flash will serve as a base for future DC properties’ films.

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Grant Gustin Is Excited for Michael Keaton to Return as Batman

Grant Gustin Is Excited for Michael Keaton to Return as Batman
Grant Gustin Is Excited for Michael Keaton to Return as Batman

Grant Gustin, like other fans, is also looking forward to the return of Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash movie. Gustin emphasized that he’s just a fan of The Flash now and not involved in the movie, but he shares fans’ excitement seeing Keaton reprise his iconic role.

It’s been almost three decades since Keaton portrayed Batman, and his return has generated a lot of anticipation among fans.

Gustin expressed his curiosity about Michael Keaton’s return as Batman and how it will be incorporated into the film. He also said he’s excited to see how the filmmakers present The Flash in a big-budget movie setting. As a fan of The Flash, Gustin eagerly looks forward to seeing how the film will turn out.

It is essential to consider that even if Gustin is hiding the fact that he made a cameo appearance, he may not have had the opportunity to work alongside Michael Keaton on the set. Ben Affleck, who reprises his role as another version of Batman, has previously mentioned that he did not share any scenes with Keaton.

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