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Henry Cavill Opens Up About The Witcher season 2 On Set Injury

The Witcher season 2 associated controversies and conversations are not ending anytime sooner. Stay tuned for the update.


Actors witness certain injuries during which they feel helpless and somewhat difficult to go through all the situations.

The article is quite the same, as Henry Cavill shared his experience when he got injured while filming for the witcher season 2.

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Henry Cavill still recovering from his injury from The Witcher Season 2
Credit : Netflix

Witcher season 2 is appearing soon in Netflix, and time is arriving when people will be filled with enthusiasm and suspense all over again. Henry suffered an injury in his hamstring and still sustained it throughout it because he has been passionate about the project since day one.

During the interview with much known THR, Cavill shared his experience whereby he managed to go through the injury in his hamstring.

Witcher season 1 was first premiered on Netflix in December 2019, and it is now in December again when witcher season 2 will be out, of which people are saying that it will hit the Netflix on 17th December.

In the first part, we see a dangerous, all-haired white monster dedicated enough to fulfill some tasks pending all over the world. In the journey, Witcher witnesses many challenges, out of which one is fighting with others.

Battling with others in the film, he discovers and explores a lot. In his journey, he also meets Yennefer and Bard Jaskier, with whom he forms a great bond.

However, now that we are going close to the release of witcher season 2, it is considerable to say that the trailer has suggested a few things.

Out of which one most important is the ultimate threat to Geralt, Yennefer and Bard, it would be further seen that whether the known characters would be able to survive the action scenes or not.

Amidst all this hassle, the star performer is said to have suffered a hamstring injury while filming a woodland scene. Now, Geralt has narrated the incident.

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Hamstrings injuries are nowhere an easy journey or incident to survive through. Geralt thus became an exception with these extra-ordinary capabilities of surviving it.

He further quoted that the injury could have led to a complete detachment of his hamstring that would have become a sense of worry for the whole team.

Henry narrated that the hamstring injury was so painful that it was constraining him from doing the shooting. He thought of giving up every time he felt pain in his hamstring while filming witcher season 2.

Henry quoted that-

It was a very, very bad tear, and I was very lucky that it wasn’t a complete detachment of the hamstring… The difficulty was working while I was injured. Because I wanted to do more for the production — I know how important it was for them to get stuff done.”

Other than just narrating what all happened in the sets of witcher season 2, Henry expressed his views about witcher season 2. He said that the stories written in the Andrzej novels are commendable, and he wants to continue with such projects.

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With fans already excited about the witcher season 2, after reading this article, they will be excited and pumped up for witcher season 2, which is all set to be released on 17th December.

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