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Eren Season 4 Imprisonment in Attack On Titans

Eren season 4 is around the corner, with controversies already being made to Eren’s imprisonment. Let us dig into the details.


Eren season 4 is more about the lost bond between Eren and the survey corps, who always saved him at the cost of their own lives. What could be the reasons for Eren’s arrest in the series?

The Insights

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The first aspect of the whole story is that it was never planned. It was never intended that the “Liberio raid” which happened was never designed to be disastrous. That means the hostility towards Eren by the corps was all planned with some well-organized strategies.

Some aspects of the incident persuaded Eren to be violent, triggering some people after that. The plan of Eren was very well crafted, majorly targeting one of his enemies from the survey corps, i.e., Zeke Yeager.

Eren knew that any mighty mistake could get into huge trouble, which could further amplify his scope of problems in the journey.

Even the survey corps did not put their civilians forward because they never wanted their people to get killed or injured in the process.

Eren’s gesture in Eren season 4 about his friends is something that we are aware of, yet he performed various tasks in which he put friends’ lives at stake. Some even believed that he might be under some control of Zeke Yeager.

Eren, according to the information, executed devastated stunts, which were very dangerous for him.

The answer to believing that Zeke must be controlling Eren is that he was a completely different person before going to the rogue.


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Eren season 4 in Attack on titans is known for two things, i.e., aftermath and aren’t imprisonment in the whole part.

Aftermath all revolved around the teamed-up story between both Zeke and Surve corps. They intentionally used him because of his excellent abilities to control such circumstances, and secondly, the pressure that Zeke had only one year exactly left in his tenure.

Majorly, the lack of trust between the Surve corps and Zeke further forced them into using Eren and controlling him further. It was indeed a tough task; however, they performed it with par excellence.

Going with the hypothesis mentioned above, the Survey Corps was not ready to give up on Eren. On the other hand, the military police and the Premiere, Darius Zackly, had other plans.

Their trust in Eren had dissipated, and they were in the process of finding a successor.

The reason for doing so much for Eren was that Yelena met Eren without the permission of anyone amongst the Surve corps, which became a big red flag after that.

Eren’s Imprisonment

Eren season 4 is mainly based on the imprisonment theory and the reasons behind it. Surve corps’ intention was clear: they wanted to save paradise, and one of their main weapons was Eren. However, they wanted new eren who could be taken into some control.

They wanted to keep Eren away from Zeke, and regarding that, they tried every other way to do it.

Zeke’s supervision was done by Levi too. Fortunately, he eliminated him whenever needed, or wherever required.

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Eren has been an influential character from the beginning itself. The main reason for keeping him in jail was to keep him distanced from Zeke’s, as the corps believed that the actions of violence were further because of Zeke.

Indeed, the relationship between both Eren and corps is now strained in Eren season 4.

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