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Where were the Eternals during the Infinity war and endgame? Why didn’t they stop Thanos?

Since the Eternals were introduced in MCU, their debut raised a very important question – if the Eternals are so powerful and have existed on Earth for more than 1000 years then why didn’t they help the Avengers stop Thanos. Well, the answer was given in the first Eternals trailer.

Here’s Everything We Have On The Eternals Till Now

The recently released first trailer for the Eternals movie explained why the so-called powerful group didn’t find it necessary to help out The Avengers when Thanos came to wreak havoc on Earth. Without a doubt, the Eternals’ arrival in MCU is going to be a turning point for Marvel Studios. The Eternals are immortal creatures who are extremely powerful and able to exert and juggle energy in various ingenious ways.  These beings were created by the Celestials.

Where were the Eternals during the Infinity war and endgame Why didn’t they stop Thanos

Even though these beings are from somewhere else, they have been secretly living on Earth for thousands of years, disguising themselves as normal humans and occasionally enlightening a religion or two.

It’s natural for the fans to question the Eternals arrival just now, why not before. The Eternals were living on the earth for thousands of years then why did they choose to not involve themselves in many important events before including in Thor: The Dark World against Malekith, In Avengers: Age of Ultron against Ultron, or in the battle of New York in The Avengers.

Even if we ignore all these events, we couldn’t ignore the fact that they didn’t find it necessary to intervene when Thanos decided to target the entire universe and was even successful in wiping out half of the population.

Where were the Eternals during the Infinity war and endgame Why didn’t they stop Thanos

The Eternals were missing in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame as well. They chose not to chase down Thanos and stayed missing for a long time. Given the fact that, In In the comics, Thanos was an Eternal himself, of a fashion that makes their record look even worse.

After the release of the Eternals trailer, many questions were answered. However, whether the answers are adequate or not is up to the fans. The recent footage didn’t reveal much in terms of plot, instead focused on the well-known cast of the movie and Chloe Zhao’s magnificent visuals. Meanwhile, the trailer revealed the Eternals arrival on the Earth for the very first time in their flying ride, witnessed by the bewildered mankind of that time.

The trailer featured a voiceover from the Eternals leader, Ajak played by Salma Hayek which narrate what the super immortals have been doing since. Supposedly, the Eternals have been watching over the humans and guiding them to the path of humanity. Plus, the visuals of crops and machinery hints that they would give humans pieces of important information from the side-lines.

Where were the Eternals during the Infinity war and endgame Why didn’t they stop Thanos

In the trailer, Ajak accepts that they have never interfered until now. This statement confirms why the Eternals didn’t interfere before – due to their non-interference policy like any other God or Lords. While narrating their time in the human world,  Ajak’s voice held a sense of pride in helping humans accomplish certain things.

Also, the trailer clearly reveals that the Eternals has good intentions for humans, they want the humans to thrive and grow to their best extent along with moving on the right path and they did all this without ever having to force or push mankind.

Well, this explains why the Eternals let these wars or battles take place like World War 2 when they were clearly powerful enough to stop these events from happening. The code that the Eternals follow also explains their absence during previous disasters in the Marvel Universe.

They never interfered in the past battles of the MCU as either the enemies were created on earth only like Ultron and Red Skull or for those who were not from the earth like Thanos or Loki, our almighty superheroes were capable enough to defeat them.

Where were the Eternals during the Infinity war and endgame Why didn’t they stop Thanos

Now, whether or not these explanations are genuine is debatable. For now, The Eternals seems content with ushering the mankind towards better farming methods. But how can one differentiate between helping in difficult times and wrongful interference? Maybe the Eternals need a reminder that with great power comes great responsibility.

Moreover, the Eternals’ code of conduct is contrary to how Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel worked. Without any hesitation, she used to leave her home to protect other planets and species from danger. That’s why Ajak’s explanation isn’t enough to justify the disappearance of Eternals during the Avengers’ fight against Thanos.

Where were the Eternals during the Infinity war and endgame Why didn’t they stop Thanos

There is a huge difference between letting Earth fight its own battles and watching a crazy psychopath erase half of the population of the world from the side-lines, while you could have easily stopped it.

Therefore, Ajak’s non-interference policy might come out as shady but there are still many unknown factors that are yet to be revealed. According to their history in Marvel Comics, they were actually prohibited from interfering by the Celestials.

There is a huge possibility that this will be the same in MCU as well and regardless of how much the Eternals might have wanted to beat the Mad Titan who wanted to create balance by erasing half of the population of the world, they just couldn’t. Their interference could have possibly caused more misery and suffering for the mortals of the world.

Where were the Eternals during the Infinity war and endgame Why didn’t they stop Thanos

Also, the trailer doesn’t entirely explains what Ajak meant by “until now”, but we’re sure that it has to do something with the Thanos madness somehow. We hope to find the answers to all these questions soon.

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