Spoiler: Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince, and more.

The Witcher: Blood Origin, the prologue to a major show, claimed to have been presented some 1200 years previously, is being prepared. Laurence O’Fuarain, the main star, is already visiting Arborfield Studios for education and more. And we noticed recently that the favorite fan Eredin, in Blood Origin, is portrayed by Jacob Callum-Levy.

Blood Origin is set to begin filming on August 2, 2021, and will last until late November. While we wait for that, we may see some of the audition recordings for The Lark, a show that is still under wraps.

Utharis, the cynical sellsword

Spoiler Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince, and more

The only minor flaw with this audio is that we can’t hear any of the sentences uttered by the person Utharis is speaking, but we can see and hear who Utharis is meant to be. Neil Fitzmaurice, an actor, created the tape.

Unfortunately, we were unable to decipher some of the names he cites, but here is what is being said in this tape:

Isn’t it magnificent? It’s a heady combination. Sunrot on corpses, enemy fires, and cesspits has a lovely odor. My nose has been blessed by roasted pork and crap for so many years that my mouth wet every time I smell any of them.

Oh, they’re just getting started. You remember those decaying corpses we sent over the siege catapult this morning? That was, after all, my creation. Yes, it occurred to me while we were besieging (Senapria?). We could expect a plate and sweep to sweep through the city in a day or two with the current hot wave. Isn’t that going to keep us on our toes?

Yes, I did! When we both discovered the obese bastard hiding in the chambermaid’s toilet, my right hand Balor ran him through with a saw blade. Your uncle’s dying words, I imagine, were, “But the […] tree!” I know, there’s no such thing as the last word, is there? People utter bizarre things such as, “Mother, crap, kumquat.” A woman once sang the final stanza of The Druid’s Hairy Daughter! She was bleeding to death right there!

Spoiler Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince, and more

Of course, you may put your faith in me! You’ve paid me three times as much as that jerk up there, Gandal the Golden. You know, salespeople get a bad rap, but if you find me to be a more committed individual than the ones swimming in the king’s coin and cunny, I’ll tell you my opinion.

Well, the walls are still up, and they’re driving both of us insane. My soldiers are highly fed and well-compensated, so we have a 20% chance of winning. If you wanted me to employ additional Calanthia men, say a legion of herons from the queen’s guard, we’re looking at a 50/50 chance of springing with both heads connected to our shoulders.

Fifty million dollars, plus or minus. It’s mostly give.

Yes, very. The doctor says it’s because of all the hits to my head, but I think it’s more because of all the galloping fucktrots I had at the funhouses.

Hey, Is that true? At long last, some excellent news. Gandal the Golden appears to be finally living up to his moniker.

Well, he’s just agreed to pay me ten times what you’ve got. I appreciate any help you can provide. And what that signifies, prince dear is that your good fortune has now run out.

Will you bring me some wine from the gods if you come back to torment me?

Spoiler Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince, and more

Of course, the initial impression of Utharis is that he’s a typical sellsword who would sell out his mother for money. Bronn of the Blackwater has a similar feeling about him. Another thing is that he’s conversing with a prince, while the opposing side is commanded by Gandal the Golden, a clear reference to Gandalf the Grey.

It’s unclear if the prince is Gandal’s son or a prince from an enemy nation waging war on behalf of his father. We’ll hold off on conjecture until we learn more, considering we know so little about this series right now.

Then there’s the mention of Balor. According to our sources, Balor is a high-ranking ancient druid, and some huge stars were given the part but declined. We don’t know who has been the witcher cast yet, but this is a significant part.

Salliche is an inventor and scientist.

Spoiler Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince, and more

Salliche, the next character in the witcher cast, is characterized as an extremely brilliant young elf who is much ahead of his time. He may be obsessive about his profession, and he’s inclined to push magic and science to their boundaries.

Actor David Fawaz made the clip. We couldn’t make out some of the words this time, but the character’s identity is evident.

Salliche: Oh no…Oh no… Shit! Why? Why are you doing this to me?

Kaali: Talking[…]

Salliche: I almost had it! It took two … then stopped … enter the … phase. Maybe it’s the oscillation thrown at the alloy track.

Kaali: Am I going to lose you to that thing?

Salliche: What?

Kaali: I’m just glad it doesn’t have an arse and a set of babs, or you’d run away with it, and I’d never see you again.

Salliche: Sorry. What… What time is it? How is it night?

Kaali: It’s almost dawn, comes, eats.

Salliche: I can’t; I need to finish.

Kaali: You need to not die.

Salliche: I know, I know. I’m not mad, you know. Despite what the Council says, this can work. It will change everything! Fix everything!

Kaali: Sal, stop it.

Salliche: I wish I could. If I could make it work even once, then…

Kaali: It wasn’t your fault.

Salliche: But it was! It was Kal! No matter how much I dress it up, no matter how I try to hide behind fine words, they’re all dead because of me! Because I ran because I was scared! This is my chance. If I could get this to talk to the stones, it would change everything. No more famine, no more thirst, no more wars; everyone will have what they need.

Spoiler Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince, and more

Kaali: They will still be who they were before.

Salliche: And it would happen all again, yeah, maybe. But if there’s even a chance we won’t fuck it up this time, that we would rise up together… I have to try. A new Golden Age, Kal. Think of it! Because of this, because of me. And maybe if it works and I’d have done some good, their ghosts will sleep easier and stop living in the corners of my eyes, mocking me for failing them.

Kaali: Come, eat.

Salliche: I’d be lost without you, you know.

Kaali: You are lost anyway, you big idiot.

Salliche: Think, if I hadn’t tripped on that gangplank […], I’d have never spawn like a fresh lamb at your feet and heard that laugh. That’s when you had me, you know. When you laughed and owned the entire world with that smile. I didn’t stand a cat’s herder’s chance.

Kaali: No, you didn’t. Now come downstairs; the world will still need saving tomorrow.

Salliche: Truth has spoken. Tomorrow, you and I shall become fine friends. And you shall work.

The first and most evident feature of this recording is that the wife of Salliche is Kaali, a character in the witcher cast played fairly recently. Kaali has been defined as a charming handmaid of a kingdom and a devoted and loving wife of a genius who helps him in his work.

The next item that has been suggested is the Council. Who’s advice? Could the Council of Mages be a very early version? Or another one?

Finally, on the recording, Sal seems to be responsible for a horrific disaster in the past.

Gwyn, a glossy murderer

Spoiler Audition tapes for The Witcher prequel reveal a scientist, a sellsword, a prince, and more

We have already been aware of Gwyn’s persona, or formerly G. The casting call for her circulated many months ago, and the description is as follows:

“A beautifully sharp, limited-growth assassin. It is a real wildcard, not frightened of devastation, bloodshed and mayhem. She revels in it, actually.” The film is by Lucy North. The actress Sadly, we don’t have a full transcription due to the audio quality. There are certain lines, some of which, unfortunately, isn’t.

As the pre-production for The Witcher: Blood Origin progresses, we will undoubtedly hear more about the game. Keep an eye out!

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