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War, Dragons, New Cast, And More During A Month of House of the Dragon Season 2 Filming In Wales

The filming of House of the Dragon season 2 is going on in Wales, here are some pictures that will give the insight of the upcoming season.

House of the Dragon, premiered its inaugural season in August 2021. In a short time, this show, featuring Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith, and Olivia Cooke, successfully rekindled the fascination of the original series, impressing even the disenchanted fans disappointed by the conclusion of Game of Thrones.

Nearly a year later, House of the Dragon finds itself amid the bustling production of its second season.

Over the last month, the show’s production has moved from Spain to Wales, where number of scenes have been filmed in multiple locations. Fortunately, dedicated fans of the series have been diligently tracking the cast and crew, capturing pictures that provide the glimpse into the storyline of the upcoming second season. We have compiled a comprehensive recap of these updates, accompanied by unveiling behind-the-scenes photographs.

Dragonstone was created from Trefor Quarry

Dragonstone was created from Trefor Quarry
Dragonstone was created from Trefor Quarry

The quarry served as a filming location for approximately one week, and people observed the regular use of smoke machines during this time. It was confirmed that several cast members were present at the filming site during this period.

During this filming section, it was reported that Emma D’Arcy, who plays the series lead Rhaenyra, was present on set. Harry Collett, who portrays Rhaenyra’s heir Jacaerys, and Bethany Antonia, who portrays Baela, were also present in these particular scenes.

Fans have quickly decode the importance of the black banners associated with Rhaenyra’s Targaryen faction and the amazing views of the quarry ruins. Based on these observations, it is widely believed among fans that the quarry scenes represent the iconic setting of Dragonstone.

One of the filmed scenes at the quarry may involve the emotional reunion between Jace and Rhaenyra. As per the storyline, they had not seen each other since the death of Lucerys, so their reunion could indeed be a poignant and important moment in the narrative.

The Dragon Seeds Gathered at Llanddwyn Beach When a Dragon Emerged

The Dragon Seeds Gathered at Llanddwyn Beach When a Dragon Emerged
The Dragon Seeds Gathered at Llanddwyn Beach When a Dragon Emerged

Several scenes were shot at Llanddwyn Beach in Newborough, and one scene seemed to portray a gathering of the Dragonseeds. Notably, a new cast member for Season 2, Kieran Bew, was spotted on set and is highly speculated to be playing the role of Hugh Hammer. There are also rumors that actor Leon Ockenden was present at the location, potentially portraying Ulf the White.

Another scene filmed on Llanddwyn Beach featured new cast member Clinton Liberty, who is strongly believed to be portraying the character of Addam Velaryon.

Addam Velaryon, Hugh Hammer, and Ulf the White are all members of the Dragon Seeds, consisting of commoners and nobles who dared to try and claim a dragon. These individuals were among the few who succeeded in bonding with dragons, making them a valuable asset for the Blacks. With the Blacks having more dragons than riders, the Dragonseeds will serve as their secret weapon in their quest for power.

Based on the available information, the scenes involving the Dragonseeds included the arrival of boats on the beach, further reinforcing the belief that the location is set on the island of Dragonstone. The presence of boats and the context of the Dragonseeds’ storyline suggest that these scenes represent their arrival or actions on Dragonstone.

A dragon was featured in an extra scene filmed at Llanddwyn Beach, albeit to be inserted using CGI during post-production. The stand-in for the Dragon during filming was represented by a giant blue shoe carried by individuals wearing blue suits.

Based on fan speculation, the shape of the Dragon’s head and the presence of a white-haired figure suggest that this scene may involve Matt Smith’s character, Daemon, and his Dragon Caraxes. However, the scene could also feature Rhaenyra and her Dragon Syrax. The exact details and characters involved in the scene will be revealed once the CGI effects are implemented.

Apart from the beach filming, the team also set up their caravans in the nearby woods, indicating that additional scenes may have been filmed in that location involving the mentioned cast members. The woods could have used as a background for various scenes, providing a different atmosphere or set for the storyline involving these characters.

What Are The Expectations From House of the Dragon Season 2?

What Are The Expectations From House of the Dragon Season 2
What Are The Expectations From House of the Dragon Season 2

Now that we have witnessed the conclusion of Season 1, the direction for Season 2 has become apparent. Similar to the first season, this show is also based on a book section, which provides an overarching narrative for the entire series. [Spoilers for the Season 1 finale ahead.] In the Season 1 finale, we witnessed a significant death foreshadowing the impending war between the Green Council (led by Alicent and her allies) and the Black Council (led by Rhaenyra and her supporters).

Leading up to the Season 1 finale, show creator Condal offered hints about what to expect in the second season. There will likely be more war, reflecting the ongoing conflict, but also an element of humor added to the mix (in some way).

According to Condal’s statements (as reported by Deadline), the focus in Season 2 will be exploring the characters’ complexities before embroiling them in war. The upcoming season aims to capture the rhythm that viewers expected from the middle seasons of Game of Thrones, but it will be achieved through thorough character development and storytelling.

Condal emphasizes the importance of earning the dramatic moments and tragedies, allowing viewers to feel the impact. Despite the increased tragedies and bloodshed, he assures that there will be natural pathways to moments of levity, introducing more humor to House of the Dragon without compromising the overall tone and narrative.

In a recent report, it was confirmed by Condal that the second season of House of the Dragons would feature five new dragons, which is likely to please author George R.R. Martin. Interestingly, Martin attended an FYC event for HBO and expressed his lack of enthusiasm for the dragons in Game of Thrones, stating that they all seemed the same.

However, he reacted differently to the dragons in House of the Dragons, as he was impressed by their personalities and how they came to life on screen. Martin’s gratification with the portrayal of the fire breathers in House of the Dragon reflects a response to his earlier critique. Condal heeded Martin’s desire for dragons with more distinct characteristics, delivering an outcome that pleased the author.

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When Will HBO Air House of the Dragon Season 2?

When Will HBO Air House of the Dragon Season 2
When Will HBO Air House of the Dragon Season 2

Unfortunately, a new House of the Dragon season will not be released in 2023. Since filming for the second season has yet to begin and involves multiple locations, it would be challenging for HBO to complete production and release the season by the end of the year.

Additionally, House of the Dragon, being a show with amazing visual effects and including number of dragons scenes, requires a considerable amount of time in post-production. Considering the increased number of dragons in the upcoming season, the post-production phase for Season 2 is expected to take longer than it did for Season 1.

According to Casey Bloys, the CEO of HBO and HBO Max content, in an interview with Variety, the premiere of House of the Dragon’s second season will be expected to release in 2024.

Bloys confirmed that the second season will not be eligible for the 2024 Emmy Awards, indicating a release date after the eligibility period ends on May 31. This suggests that the second season will likely be released in the second half 2024.

Since the first season premiered in August 2022, fans hope the second season will follow a similar pattern and release in August 2024. Furthermore, recent updates from HBO have hinted at a summer 2024 release for the second season, adding to the anticipation among fans.

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