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Vesemir VS Games: How Season 2’s Vesemir Compares To The Games

Vesemir, and influencing hero of witcher season 2, is compared to a game of the same series that has made a place in the hearts of many viewers.


The Witcher: Season 2’s Vesemir compares to the games. In this second game, the series travels on a grand adventure through an open and gigantic world.

No one knows how The Witcher can continue the story, but the player Vesemir can help the story by finding new ways to complete quests.

The Complete Story

Vesemir Witcher season 2 lead compares to the game a
Vesemir Witcher season 2 lead compares to the game a

Unlike most games that have you grind for experience points to get to level up, The Witcher: Season 2 and Vesemir keeps the action dynamic by letting other players go on quests while being monitored by an advanced computer.

However, even with this new system, I still felt like I was missing something significant.

The graphics remain the same as in the first game. The environment is large and is filled with all kinds of detail. The effects are subtle and realistic, yet they do not overpower the game itself.

Some Problems That May Occur

The main problem with The Witcher: Season 2 may be the side quests.

Some of them are so obvious that you could argue they are mandatory, but even then, the game does not make you feel like you have to do them.

You can run around the map in the game doing all these quests and not feel like you are accomplishing anything. There are still some good side quests in the game, but the side quests are often dull and do not fit with what happens in the game.

Another problem that may come with The Witcher: Season 2 is the lack of variety.

There are a handful of side quests, then the rest are rushed quests that end up taking you to a specific location, and then you have to fight some random monster to get out.

The Witcher: Season 2 and one of its prominent lead actors, i.e., Vesemir. It is not bad, but it certainly does not have much left to say.

Vesemir and the game

The First Look of Vesemir Gets Revealed From The Witcher Season 2.
The First Look of Vesemir Gets Revealed From The Witcher Season 2.

There is no doubt that Vesemir has been a lead witcher in the first season since there has been active controversy that Vesemir looks similar as in the game.

There have been videos surfaced on the internet that clearly remarks Vesemir’s look similar to that in the game. In videos that have been displayed, it is pertinent to mention that the eyes of Vesemir are exactly as same as in the game.

For sure, Vesemir has been witnessed playing a crucial role in the game and the series, but the thing that has been persuading to believe the viewers is that even his voice notes are the same.

Vesemir’s crucial role can be evenly summarized as training Ciri and safely protecting Kaer Morhen from the wild hunts as precisely portrayed in some trailers and games as well.

While, it will be seen how this vesemir resembles that of vesemir, who marked his presence in the game.


8 Things Necessary To Know About The Witcher's Vesemir
Credit – Netflix

There is one thing the game does well, though, and it shall help make The Witcher: Season 2 well worth your time. The game includes one of the best, most memorable endings, including Vesemir to any video game, and it is well written and acted.

The voice acting of Vesemir witcher is powerful, even if there are a few minor flaws. The combat still feels solid, and it is always satisfying to level up your character and take on new challenges.

The graphics and effects still are not something to be blown away by, but they do not feel cheap either. The overall package is very well executed, and the game still has plenty to offer.

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