Tom Hardy Presents some Explanations on the Origins of His Dark Knight Rises Bane Voice

Tom Hardy is ready to present some explanations from his side for the dark knight rise bane voice.


The voice of Tom Hardy is no doubt one that will forever be linked with Batman. Since the casting of Hardy as the young star of the Dark Knight movie, many people have been wondering just how and why Tom Hardy’s Batman voice is so different from other actors who have portrayed the superhero in the past.

Hardy and his voice

Tom Hardy Presents Origins of His Dark Knight Rises c
Tom Hardy Presents Origins of His Dark Knight Rises c

With Hardy taking on this iconic role, many are beginning to see how he could bring this much-awaited character to life. Here are some of the answers to the questions everyone has been asking about the voice of Batman:

Tom Hardy first received his voice talents from the world of theater. He began his career as a member of the London cast of productions like Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. In the play, Hardy voices one of the characters, villain Macbeth, known for his foul temper and loud and crazy manner of speaking.

After leaving the theater, Hardy developed the unique vocal style that he used to portray the character of Batman in the Dark Knight returns.

Hardy’s take

Tom Hardy Presents Origins of His Dark Knight Rises c
Tom Hardy Presents Origins of His Dark Knight Rises c

According to Hardy, he mainly focuses on his deep, booming voice whenever he portrays the character of Batman.

For instance, when the young Bruce Wayne needs to talk to the police officers outside of the scene of the robbery, Hardy’s voice is heard shouting something that can be understood by the audience – “You’ll have no choice, cop!” When Hardy’s character prepares to throw a Batarang at the target of the scene, he shouts the line in a loud, firm voice.

The impact of his booming voice is undeniable, as this is one of the most recognizable features of the Batman character.

Tom Hardy says that he has learned the importance of his sound in each of his Batman films and feels that his role as Batman’s future helped him understand just how important it is to bring his character to life.

Some Specific Situations

In several instances, Hardy’s loud and raucous voice has been interpreted as being that of Batman himself. He has been seen as shouting at the villains and has also made a few subdued attempts at talking to the police.

However, Tom Hardy adds that it was difficult for him to do so, as he often found himself in the shots from such scenes.

He explains that while his Batman impressionist side wanted to convey the natural feel of the Caped Crusader, he also wanted to have a bit of fun with the voice.

“I didn’t think it was cool until I was asked to do it,” he said.

Tom Hardy Presents Origins of His Dark Knight Rises c
Tom Hardy Presents Origins of His Dark Knight Rises c

Tom Hardy said that he had initially auditioned for the role of the Joker but that he did not get the part because the producers thought that he would not be able to do justice to the position.

Tom Hardy also discusses the importance of his sound in the character of Batman and why he feels that the Batman films have a unique sound to them.

He explained that he has found that the Batman films succeed more when he is heard speaking rather than reading his dialogue – which is something he is accustomed to when playing other characters.

Hardy then goes on to describe the different aspects of his voice, comparing it to that of the late Michael Caine. He also refers to other actors who use high-pitched voices in order to bring out certain characteristics of the Batman character.

Hardy also touches on the theme of Batman’s masked identity, relating how he got the mask in the first place. He reveals that he designed the mask himself, taking some elements from the car tires that he saw on a trip down a country lane one day.


Tom Hardy says that he is getting older but that he likes the challenge of trying to keep his appearance up to date with the times, even if he is wearing a suit.

He explains that the origins of Batman are the same as many of the comic book characters. Still, he also stresses that the stories that he tells have a far more entertaining edge to them than most traditional Batman stories.

He also refers to the dark and edgy modern world that we live in lends itself perfectly to a story about a vigilante fighting crime.

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