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Is Loki Back On The Asgard Throne? Trailer For Episode 4-6 Reveals A Similar Looking Location

Recently, Marvel Studio released a brand new midseason trailer for Disney+’s Loki series featuring a location looking similar to the home planet of the God of mischief, Asgard. The Loki series has only three episodes left to be released before it reaches its climax. To hype up the upcoming finale of the series, a midseason trailer has been released, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come at the end of the season.

Disney+ Loki Series: Why did Loki Go Back To Asgard? Did Lady Loki accompany him?

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Credit – Marvel

The Loki series picked up after the events of Avengers: Endgame as the 2012 variant of Loki escapes from New York with the tesseract during the time theft planned by the Avengers. However, the God of Mischief’s freedom was short-lived.

After being captured by the TVA in the crime of messing with the sacred timeline, Loki was left with no choice but to agree to be a consultant for the TVA and goes on a mission for them. However, the God of Mischief we are talking about attempts to con Agent Mobius but fails. Later on, he starts working as their consultant and correctly predicted the hiding spot of lady Loki. 

But instead of preventing her from fleeing, Loki decides to escape with her to understand her real intentions. By the end of the Loki series’s third episode, Loki and lady Loki are stranded in lamentis-1 as it is on the verge of destruction.

Marvel Studios unveiled a midseason trailer for the Loki series.

Did Lady Loki Try To Acquire The Soul Stone Vormir Connection Explained
Credit – Marvel

The new trailer released for the Loki series confirms that both the Loki variants will find a way to escape the unfortunate moon. It also reveals a location looking quite similar to Asgard. Since it’s a midseason trailer for the series, we don’t know when this shot is set. The Asgard-looking setting has raised curiosity among fans. You can watch the new midseason trailer on Marvel Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

Why has Asgard suddenly appeared in the Loki series?

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Credit – Marvel

Despite how brief the appearance was, the Asgard looking location has already given rise to countless theories about why would Loki be back in Asgard and let’s not forget that at the end of Loki series episode 2, Asgard was one of the many places that Lady Loki attacked. Lady Loki created multiple branches in the timeline contributing to the origin of the multiverse.

For now, we don’t know in which year they visited Asgard, but it could be possible that the visit was before the events of Thor: Ragnarok took place. Therefore, the God of Mischief and Lady Loki were undetected by the TVA. It’s also possible that the Loki in the trailer in the Asgard looking setting may not be MCU’s original Loki and just another variant of the God of Mischief.

As you all know, Asgard was destroyed years ago, and the people of the planet found a new home on Earth, but it doesn’t mean the real cannot appear in future projects in flashback. Why Asgard has suddenly appeared in the Loki series will soon be revealed in the upcoming episodes of the Loki series.

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