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The Witcher Characters, Ranked By Fighting Ability

Many formidable warriors live in the dangerous world of The Witcher, but which of the witcher characters ranks most in combat capacity?

Following the White Wolf was a blood-trail, and sanguine amusement for the first season of The Witcher. Geralt chronicled Rivia’s escapees as a monster hunter, but he also pointed to a lot of magical magic chaos, including martial fighting between nilfgaardians and the rest of the continent.

Throughout the Netflix series, the main protagonists had to be resourceful warriors or tactical defenders, choosing whether to fight their own fights or find someone stronger to do it for them. The Witcher’s environment was harsh, and these people had to struggle to survive, whether they were bards or The Butcher of Blaviken himself.

10. Jaskier

Credit: Netflix

Jaskier, a bard with a propensity for ladies, wine, and song, served as a medieval marketing expert for Geralt of Rivia, drawing notice to the witcher’s sword talents and obtaining cash from townships desperate to rid themselves of monsters.

Though Jaskier interacted with djinns, dragons, and a variety of other monsters that Geralt encountered, it was nearly usually as bait or a human shield. Jaskier was a lover, not a warrior — at least, a lover of the wealth Geralt earned via his battles.

9. Stregobor

Credit: Netflix

Stregobor, a strong wizard known for his magical abilities, approached Geralt of Rivia when he sought to slay Renfri, a cursed former princess who would murder him at any cost. She even threatened to slaughter the inhabitants of Blaviken in order to evict the Kovirian magic user from his tower, which he could hide thanks to his illusionist abilities.

Despite the fact that it is a wizard’s job to guard his village, Stregobor was not shown fighting in the series, but followers of the book series know that if Geralt turned against him, Stregobor could melt the witcher where he stood.

8. Ciri

Credit: Netflix

The Princess of Cintra was unable to know her trip after the loss of her parents, when Queen Calanthe had failed to secure her borders against the Nilgaard onslaught, she fled town. She would run into the woods and face serious perils, some with particular strength awakening in her.

Although Ciri still had to investigate the extent of her powers in Season 1 her inherent spelling talents enabled her to battle Cahir and his troops when they attempted to confine her.

7. Tissia

Credit: Netflix

Tissaia De Vries, a mighty and clever wizard as well as Aretuza’s headmistress, was only known to be fighting when she had to. Although not included in the books, she was last put in the Battle of Sodden Hill series.

6. Renfri

Credit: Netflix

Renfri sought the sorcerer Stregobor, a former princess cursed by evil, who persisted on her affliction because of the odd circumstances of her birth. He asked Geralt of Rivia to defend him, however it was difficult for Geralt to desire to kill her due to his emotional engagement with Renfri. Yet they were one of the most climatic struggles of the first season.

Renfri was very skilled and able to hold a sword against the White Wolf on Blaviken’s streets, until he gave her the deadly blow. She died not a victim of fate any more in her arms, on her own terms.

5. Queen Calanthe

Credit: Netflix

Queen Calanthe was so ardent at the battlefield as it was on the Cintra throne that she did not stay with her warriors in court while fighting for her. As she did for the battle of the Marnadal Valley, the incident that inspired a lot of the series narration, she would proudly rid her side.

4. Vilgefortz

Credit: Netflix

Vilgefortz not only proven to be a fantastic wizard but a successful combatant, as it appeared to him when he faced a Nilfgaard squadron alone. In addition to the White Wolf, the only person who had any chance of duelling the Black Knight was legendary.

After Cahir had been involved, Vilgefortz made an amateur error. He used all of his power to quickly materialise several daggers and swords. This didn’t matter a lot, because he proved a turnout, suggesting that Cahir nonetheless didn’t kill him.

3. Cahir

Credit: Netflix

Cahir was one of the most skilled leaders of the army in Nilfgaard, known as Black Knight. He had enormous impact not just on the Nilfgaga hordes, but even in one-hand combat he was lethal. Few would stand in a fight against him, although in particular before the Battle of Sodden he battled against the magician Vilgefortz.

2. Yennefer

Credit: Netflix

Yennefer of Vengerberg, after growing up ridiculed and undervalued in her youth, continued to attend the Aretuza Magic Academy and became one of her most talented sorceresses. She frequently did not have to resort to her personal fights, given her capacity to teleplay and place whole communes under her authority.

In the battle of Sodden Hill, Yennefer was nevertheless forced to use its power against the oncoming Nilfgaard army, using a deadly kind of fire magic which could not be harmed by a very gifted few.

1. Geralt

Credit: Netflix

Geralt of Rivia, although not being as powerful as a wizard or mage, acquired certain magic skills as a result of the mutations he suffered during his witcher trials. Those skills, along with his sword prowess, made him one of The Continent’s most feared mercenaries.

While he primarily fought monsters and ghouls that terrorized innocent communities, he understood the worth of human and nonhuman life. Because he had such a close and personal contact with death, he always took fighting very seriously, making him not only the finest but also the most honorable warrior in the series.

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