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Why Loki Laufeyson Can’t Ride Backwards On Trains? What does it have to do with Lady Loki?

In the fresh episode of the Loki series, Loki Laufeyson’s unwillingness to ride backward on a train reveals some essential details about his character. In the third episode of the Loki series, the God of mischief and lady Loki are forced to work together after they are left on the ill-fated moon of Lamentis- 1. 

Their only chance at surviving this oncoming disaster is a stolen TVA pad that needs charging and the only power source to charge the device is the Lamentis evacuation ark. The God of Mischief and Lady Loki manage to board a train heading towards the escape ship, and they’re both variants of Loki learn new things about each other.

The Loki series episode 3 reveals similarities between Loki Laufeyson and Lady Loki.

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During a scene on the train, both Loki finds a booth to sit in; however, Loki asks to sit facing towards the direction in which the train is moving. He anxiously tells Lady Loki that he can’t sit in the backward direction of the train’s movement. Lady Loki also refuses to sit backward on a train leaving Loki to travel backward uncomfortably.

Many people can’t travel backward on a train as the feeling of moving in reverse at high speed is disorientating because the tempo pulls the passenger out from their seat while moving forward shoves you into the seat. Moving backward on a train mandates physical compensation for staying steady. In reversed motion, it’s hard for the brain to anticipate the cart’s path subconsciously. All of these startling movements can cause nausea. 

The connection between the personalities of both the variants of Loki

Why Loki Laufeyson Can't Ride Backwards On Trains
Credit – Marvel

This fascinating exchange tells us more about both the variants of Loki. While Lady Loki, aka Sylvie, claims she’s sitting facing towards the train to cover all the exits and entrances, Loki points out the obvious that their cart has doors on both sides, suggesting that Lady Loki is lying and suffers from motion sickness just like the God of Mischief. Therefore she quickly occupies the forward seat leaving no room for arguments.

Loki expresses his dislike of traveling backward and lady logging lying about revealing crucial details about their personalities. After a lifetime of Asgardian privilege and his superiority complex, Loki is still in his arrogant God-king phase. He is used to getting his way; he is self-centered and drowned in his shallow greatness. Admitting to one or two weaknesses is not a big deal for him.

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On the other hand, Lady Loki shows a very different attitude. Lying about her sickness shows that she is hiding her weak point from a potential enemy. While Loki is a pampered prince, Lady Loki has been running for a long time, making her reluctant and skeptical. Refusing to share her weaknesses proves that she had a harsh life, but Loki telling her about his sickness also implies that he trusts Lady Loki more than she trusts him.

Will we see more similar traits of both variants of Loki in the future episodes?

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Credit – Marvel

If Loki and Lady Loki do both suffer from motion sickness, it indicates that the two variants are similar to each other. The suspicion is raised when Lady Loki uses her crown as a weapon just like Loki did in Thor: Ragnarok in episode 3. It could be possible that many more similar characteristics of both the Loki variants appear in future episodes. So don’t forget to watch the Loki series on Disney+.

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