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Top Gun: Maverick First 15 minutes Trailers Out & Reactions are Amazing

A question that everyone is asking but not able to give the right answers. I do not want to spill the tea if you have not seen the trailer for yourself. Trust us, you are missing out on something special. The 13 minutes Top Gun: Maverick trailer gives me a hunky piece of Tom Cruise served with some great action. The opening is just appropriate with classic yellow and orange color scheme with the Top Gun theme or as we better remember as the Danger Zone. Top Gun Maverick opens with Tom Cruise cruising through the Mojave Desert for a flight test.

Only he can pull off a space helmet and make it look cool, as he sits tight in his jet. Not only did his helmet get our attention but the Top Gun jacket that he styles have caught our eyes. The signature army patches on the front of the premium quality Top Gun Maverick jacket look fantastic. That aviator jacket instantly caught my eyes, I hurried to find one for my onlin e outwear shopping for this winter. And I found one; Yes, you read it right! I have found the one he wear during riding the bike a perfect knockoff available at TheLeatherCity: This Top Gun: Maverick’s Bomber jacket stitched to fit you like a glove. The great attention to detail is what ticks all our boxes for something practical yet trendy. So, what are you waiting for? Revamp your mundane fashion with something vintage! The trailer has not only revealed the latest fashion trends but Maverick has taken the role of training the new generation of Navy fighter pilots. Our favorite character other than Maverick, Goose is seen in the trailer.

Moreover, the memory of Goose brings a tear to our eye because he dies during training in the first part. But his memory still lives on in his son, Bradley Bradshaw. Are you excited? Surely I am. So, do not miss out on the movie hitting the theaters on November 19. The student has become the mentor, as Tom Cruise looks exquisite in his New Gun aka the new generation US Navy fighter pilots eager to earn. One interesting thing about the second part</a> is how Tom has taken the role of producer that helps in the character development from the trainee to trainer.

It is a total blast from the past. You will be nostalgic the moment you see the entire 13-minute trailer. Gear up in your knockoff Top Gun jacket for the ultimate hair-raising experience! The trailer is a recipe for success with the panoramic sequel of the infamous 80s movies. Could you imagine stepping back in the cockpit after 35 years? Well, the legend Tom Cruise did it with utmost perfection. The first 13 minutes fall on the promises of being up to the original movie’s level.

Let its triumph over the classic aviator style that looks exquisite paired up with fast flying jets. The stunning scenes of flying back into the Danger Zone with music give me chills and a sublime feeling! Twitter is flooded with drooling emojis over Tom Cruise. Fans could not resist themselves after watching the footage released by Paramount at CinemaCon. When I say Top Gun is a total mood, trust us after watching the original trailer it will bring back memories.

The buzz around CinemaCon has taken a turn for the best. Cruise was involved in a death-defying stunt to get back in shape. Not only did he generate the same amount of hype around Top Gun 2 as Mission Impossible but the trailer has taken the event like a storm. People are mesmerized by the first 13 minutes and cannot wait to watch it on the big screens with their friends and family. Journalists have gone crazy on Twitter to tweet their reactions and get the fans talking about the big trailer reveal.

Moreover, not to forget about the major selling point with the sensational Tom Cruise as the lead in the legendary sequel. It puts the hotshot actor back in the hands of danger with stunts and a whole lot of incredible visuals. Our bets are on Tom Cruise living up to our high expectations after watching the first 13 minutes of Top Gun: Maverick repeatedly. Kenny Loggins has gotten a lot of buzz with his sensational hit, Danger Zone.

Critics predict that the sequel might top a billion without a doubt. Yes, you heard us right! We might have a winner on our hands. Sit back and get your trendy aviator Top Gun jacket for the premiere! And who are I kidding, the movie would not be complete without Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone. It brings back nostalgia and builds up the momentum for something spectacular.

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