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5 Frequently Asked Questions on CBD Massage Oils

Who wouldn’t want a relaxing massage after a tiresome week? What if we were to tell you there was a way to get better skin and effectively fast mind and body relaxation?

CBD Massage Oils vs. Traditional Massage Oils: What’s the Difference?

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One of the most efficient ways of achieving ultimate body relaxation is to go through a massage session. The professional expertise of the masseuse allows them to target specific pressure points and, by so doing, bring you closer to utter relaxation. The idea of conducting a massage without the use of oil seems undoable. 

The use of the oil is to reduce friction between the masseuse’s hands and the client’s skin. In its purest form, massage oil only serves that purpose but what about CBD oils for massage? As CBD has gotten infused into everything, it is no wonder that CBD massage oils exist. How effective are they?

Ingredients and Contents of CBD Massage Oils

When most people hear of the best CBD massage oils, the first thought that comes to mind is that they are the infused oils in the market. Though this is true sometimes, it is not always the case. Some come in different flavors, and others are natural. 

The product’s ingredients are essential in determining how effective they are in the end. For instance, one with lavender essence has a higher chance of achieving even mental relaxation. The following are some common ingredients found in these deep tissue procedure oils.

Arnica Montana Flower

This ingredient is a natural one that benefits users by reducing pain and inflammation. It helps alleviate pain and inflammation from bug bites, injuries, joint and muscle aches, etc. When used alongside CBD, the benefits elevate.

Clove Bud

The efficiency of this oil when it comes to pain relief has a basis in its aroma and its effect on the body. On application, the oil brings a warm feeling that fastens the speed of healing. It also brings about relaxation for the user. 


Sunflower oil is an excellent absorbent in that it helps other products penetrate the skin. It also contains vitamin E oil. This combination protects the skin from the sun and other harmful elements. 


The kernel compound also contains vitamin E oil. This ingredient has antioxidant properties that aid in maintaining skin health. It also works at reducing aging and wrinkles when it gets used frequently. 

Vanillyl Butyl

The application of this compound results in a warming effect on the skin. The warming serves a double purpose of inducing relaxation and helping the product penetrate further into the skin.

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Differences Between CBD and Traditional Massage Oil

Massage oils exist in the traditional form and also the infused ones. Any of the two can relax the body and reduce friction during deep tissue procedures. A recurrent question regarding the process is whether organic massage oils with CBD differ from those without or are the same. These are the significant differences between the two:

Pain Management

Comparing the oils with CBD and those without shows that the former is more effective in pain management. The regular kind does not have any other impacts on pain as it does not contain cannabidiol. Research further supports that CBD offers therapeutic relief against inflammation and joint and muscle pains. 

Nourishing of the Skin

In addition to being pain-relieving CBD infused products offer improvements on the skin. Other than facilitating an easy massaging time, they also impact the quality of the skin. Cannabidiol hydrates the skin and reduces acne and other scar issues. On the other hand, regular oil does not do the same. It may improve the skin’s smoothness for a day but not result in well-hydrated skin. 

Impact on Anxiety

Similarly, CBD-infused products have a higher chance of managing anxiety and stress in clients. Though cannabidiol does not penetrate the skin, it does result in wholesome relaxation. Traditional massage products do not impact stress and anxiety in any way. The client may feel relaxed during the session, but that does not remain constant after the procedure.

Influence on Sleep

Another significant difference is the influence on sleep. While the cannabidiol ones are more effective in improving sleep quality, the traditional kind does not impact the same in any way. With highly potent oils, the likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep is higher than with the traditional kind. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Massage Oil

Regarding CBD massage oils, some people have yet to understand how the product works fully. The result has been frequent online searches on any and everything to do with these CBD products. Here are the most asked questions on the internet with answers.

Q: Can I get high from CBD massage oil?

A: No. Typically, the product applied on the skin cannot penetrate the bloodstream. Also, CBD products are primarily broad spectrum, which means they cannot get you high.

Q: How long does it take for the effects to be felt?

A: The effects take a couple of minutes to start getting felt. The full results of the process will take about an hour to be entirely noticeable.

Q: Will I test positive for drugs after using the oil?

A: No. CBD applied via the skin is not traceable and thus cannot be seen during drug tests. 

Q: Are CBD massage oils better than traditional ones?

A: Yes, they have more benefits that target wholesome body health. They achieve body relaxation, pain relief, improved skin quality, and mental relaxation.

Q: Is it legal to use these products?

A: Yes, CBD-infused oils are legal since they do not contain high levels of THC. The recommendable level is at 0.3%THC for them to be legal. 


Fatigue and random joint and muscle pains are regular occurrences of life. In these instances, a deep tissue procedure with the best masseuse and a beneficial oil will do the trick. Massages have been a common thing, but the addition of CBD oil makes it better. Not only does the product help reduce pain and inflammation, but it also improves general skin conditions. With frequent use, the oils also protect your skin from harmful external elements. Any massage oil from a site like has so many of them with a range of ingredients.  

This article was written by Tia Moskalenko. Her contribution to weed and articles related to it is expansive and considers principles from her sales and marketing, communication, and other experiences. Moskalenko’s content continues to introduce and familiarize users with all the aspects and products of the cannabis industry.

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