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Spice and Wolf Season 3: Will it Ever Happen? + New Adaption Announced!

Spice and Wolf Season 3, renewal status?

Quite often, fantasy animes are about wizards or knights with magic and holy swords fighting monsters to save the kingdom. 

But from time to time, a few series crop up out of nowhere and focuses on other aspects of fantasy, which are an unlikely pair such as economy coupled with romance. 

This premise could be found in the anime adaption of Isuna Hasekura s’ light novel series, Spice and Wolf.

The story follows a traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence who goes from town to town selling, buying, and trading various goods to make a profit. 

He dreams of saving enough money to become a local town merchant and open his store. Kraft arrives at the town of Pasloe during its harvest festival and meets a girl who claims to be the legendary wolf deity Holo.

Holo is a powerful wolf deity revered in Pasloe for blessing the annual harvest, but as years have gone by, the villagers have become more self-sufficient, leaving her only a part of folklore.

Kraft agrees to accompany Holo to her homeland of Yoitsu and sneaks her out of town, so she is not discovered by anyone, especially members of the Church.

He also learns of Holo s’ ability to evaluate a person’s character and believes she can be used as an essential bargaining tool.

The pair travel the countryside in search of economic opportunities, but at the same time, her true nature draws unwanted attention from the Church.

Can Kraft achieve his dream of owning a shop with the help of the charismatic wolf deity is the central plot of the show.

Spice and Wolf season 2 were released way back in 2009, but despite more than a decade since its premiere, fans are wondering if there will be a third installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Spice and Wolf season 3.

Spice and Wolf is rated 8.2/10 and ranked #311 with 775k members on MyAnimeList


what is Spice and Wolf Season 3 release date
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Spice and Wolf season one aired on 9th January 2008 to 26th March 2008 for 12 episodes. The series was renewed for a second season which ran from 9th July 2009 to 24th September 2009 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from the creators on the renewal of Spice and Wolf Season 3.

Spice and Wolf Season 19th January 2008
Spice and Wolf Season 29th July 2009
Spice and Wolf Season 3Yet to be Announced

Production studios consider various commercial and financial metrics before announcing a renewal.

More than a decade has passed since the second season ended, but despite public demand and countless petitions, the show creator Isuna Hasekuras has previously said he’s not interested in creating Spice and Wolf Season 3.

The minimalistic monetary gain and a massive gap is also the primary reason behind the lack of renewal.

All in All, it’s unlikely that Spice and Wolf Season 3 will ever happen, but one can’t entirely rule it out since Full Metal Panic!, for example, returned after 13 years.

Hence if the series does return for a third season, we can expect Spice and Wolf Season 3 trailer and Spice and Wolf Season 3 release date by 2025.

While Spice and Wolf season 3 could be a tad farfetched, fans of the series can expect some new content in a new anime adaption of the light novel.

On February 2022, a piece of exciting news came through the official website of the author that announced a video that a new anime based on the ‘Spice & Wolf’ light novel series is officially happening!

The announcement does not specify whether the anime is a sequel, remake, or original work, but it features the taglines, “Shall we embark on a journey again?” and “Holo the Wisewolf and Lawrence the Merchant’s story continues.” 

The new anime adaption comes in celebration of the series s’ 15th anniversary, check out the trailer below:


_Spice and Wolf Season 3 plot
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In the final episode of Spice and Wolf season 2, “Wolf and Endless Tears,” Lawrence and Eve go forth with their plan despite the chaos caused by the coup.

Lawrence receives gold after he leaves Holo with the traders while Eve reserves a ship. 

Notwithstanding, when he meets with Eve in the motel, Lawrence chooses to pull out. Eve takes steps to kill him since he finds Eve had a craftiness plan, including the Church to bring in a tremendous measure of cash.

Eve takes him out, however, and passes him a deed to a hotel, which he then uses to repurchase Holo. With Holo’s clear fierceness, Lawrence announces his choice to renounce his fantasy and continue to go with Holo and express his love for her. 

Holo indicates how she might have succumbed to or is succumbing to Lawrence. They then, at that point, continue to the dock amidst all the mayhem and plan to board, prepared to begin again together.

Spice and Wolf Season 2 adapted the fifth volume while skipping the fourth, which means Spice and Wolf Season 3 will begin by adapting volume 6.

As Holo and Lawrence start the last leg of their excursion, Lawrence chooses to go with Holo to her old home of Yoitsu, if by some stroke of good luck to, hinder their splitting somewhat longer. 

Boarding a boat from the port of Lenos (likely stirring up a lot of embarrassment for the wisewolf, who is none excessively partial to water!), the pair’s destiny becomes caught with that of a kid named Col, whose story of his conditions joined with the tattle of the mariners prompts a stunning disclosure about Holo’s country.

Spice and Wolf Season 3 characters and their stories will continue as Lawrence finds himself in a power struggle.

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Spice and Wolf light novel is written by Isuna Hasekura and illustrated by Ju Ayakura. ASCII Media Works published 17 novels between February 10, 2006, and July 10, 2011, under their Dengeki Bunko imprint.

In 2016, an eighteenth book in the series was published, along with the start of a new spinoff series entitled Wolf on the Parchment, focusing on the characters Cole and Myuri. 

Yen Press licensed the light novels in September 2008 for distribution in English. The first volume was released in December 2009, and a new volume was released every six months, but in 2013 was changed to being released every four months.

Spice and Wolf light novel is rated 8.8/10 and ranked #30 with 60k members on MyAnimeList

Spice and Wolf manga is written by Isuna Hasekura and illustrated by Keito Koume. It began serialization in ASCII Media Works seinen manga magazine Dengeki Maoh since November 2007. 

The manga has been collected in 16 volumes, with the latest issue released on 11th December 2018.

Spice and Wolf manga is rated 8.4/10 and ranked #158 with 38k members on MyAnimeList

ASCII Media Works reported that as of November 2009, over 3.5 million copies of the first twelve novels had been sold.

The light novel series has ranked three times in Takarajimasha’s light novel guide book Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! published yearly, first in 2007, and fifth in 2008 and 2009. 

In the 2007 issue, Holo won Best Female Character, while the first manga volume of the English release in North America debuted at No. 4 on the New York Times Best Seller Manga list, and the third volume reached No. 3.


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Spice and Wolf season one was animated by the studio Imagin and directed by Takeo Takahashi. Naruhisa Arakawa scripted the first season, while the music was composed by Yuji Yoshino.

Spice and Wolf season two was animated by studio Brain s’ Base and Marvy Jack. Characters are designed by Toshimitsu Kobayashi, the chief animation director.

You can find the list of Spice and Wolf characters and voice cast below:

 HoloAmi Koshimizu
 Kraft LawrenceJun Fukuyama
 DianaAkeno Watanabe
 MertaAki Toyosaki
 LantKahoru Sasajima
 ArnoldKousei Hirota
 MarkRikiya Koyama
 AbeRomi Park
 AmartieSaeko Chiba
 HelenaSara Nakayama
 Lutz EringinShigeru Ushiyama
 Guy BartoseSusumu Akagi
 RigoroYūya Uchida


Source by Brain’s Base

Spice and Wolf Season 3 might not happen any time soon, but fans can at least look forward to the series s’ new anime adaption.

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