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Cute Executive Officer Season 2: Release Date Confirmed + New Cast Revealed

Cute Executive Officer Season 2 greenlit with the premiere date! 

Animes with Child protagonist has seen massive success over the years, with the likes of Made in Abyss, Promise Neverland, Kotaro Lives Alone, and Ranking of Kings becoming the gold standard for this trope.

So, when studio Project No.9 decided to release their first Original Net Animation titled “Cute Executive Officer,” there was more than just excitement for its debut.

The story follows a five-year-old girl Najimu Mujina who, despite her age, possesses high intellect and consequently is the CEO of Mujina Company.

Her daily activities include conducting business, match-making parties, transaction of contracts, and socializing while golfing.

While these experiences are new to her, Najimu embodies the characteristic of a CEO by being cute and motivated at the same time.

How Najimu navigates her daily life alongside her indulgent and talented secretary, an office clerk of unknown nationality, and an employee who plays the straight man is the central plot of the show.

Cute Executive Officer season one was received with mixed reactions and reviews, with some enjoying the gag comedy and others labeling it as a one-time watch.

Either way, Cute Executive Officer had its takers who are most likely wondering if and when will the second installment be released.

Luckily, we have some good news on that front, so keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest updates on Cute Executive Officer Season 2.

Cute Executive Officer is rated 6.5/10 and ranked #6083 with 3.3k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS Cute Executive Officer Season 2 release date
Source by Project No.9

Cute Executive Officer Season one aired on 1st January 2021 for 13 episodes.

On 18th September 2022, the show s’ official website announced the sequel of Cute Executive Officer and confirmed the second season would premiere in Early 2023.

Cute Executive Officer Season 11st January 2021
Cute Executive Officer Season 22023

Unfortunately, the announcement didn’t reveal an exact Cute Executive Officer Season 2 release date but confirmed Cute Executive Officer Season 2 would be titled “Cute Executive Officer R.”

Studio Project No. 9 is also yet to release Cute Executive Officer Season 2 trailer, and the episode count for the sequel.

Check out the announcement for Cute Executive Officer Season 2 below:


Cute Executive Officer MANGA CATCHUP
Source by Project No.9

Cute Executive Officer manga is written by Odeko Fujii and published by Kadokawa Shoten in Comic Walker magazine.

The manga has been collected into three volumes, with the latest issue released on 14th January 2021.

In 2019, Cute Executive Officer was nominated for the 5th Next Manga Awards in the digital category and placed 20th out of 50 nominees.

You can find the Cute Executive Officer manga volume and its release date below:

Cute Executive Officer manga Volume 126th April 2019
Cute Executive Officer manga Volume 215th November 2019
Cute Executive Officer manga Volume 314th January 2021


Cute Executive Officer Season 2 PLOT
Source by Project No.9

In the finale of Cute Executive Officer Season one, “Slogan,” President Mujina Najimu tells his staff to come up with a slogan for the company.

Employee Warito Mayu(26 years old) suggests “Working All Out at All Times,” but the co-workers dismiss it for being too ordinary and cliché.

President Mujina Najimu came up with a slogan saying, “Put the Toys Back When You ‘re Done Playing.” Still, secretary Karuizawa Yuki (22 years old) reminds Najimu that they are not at her home.

Secretary Yuki designed a butter-up slogan that reads “Cleaning the Mess, President s’ the Best,” but she is reminded it’s a company slogan, not a fangirl banner.

Foreign Worker Garcia Dekasegi(22 years old) takes it to the next level with her slogan, which reads “Go For the Throat to Get the Kill,” and she is quickly rebuked for acting as a survival guide.

Warito is confused and wonders if there is no normal slogan for the company. President Mujina Najimu suggests combining them all as Mujina Corporation is the fruition of everyone s’ hard work.

When all the suggested slogans are combined, it shockingly reads, “Working All Out When You ‘re Done Playing Go For the President s’ throat.” 

The episode ends with President Mujina Najimu running from the employees who are after her employees as she orders them to get back to work.

Cute Executive Officer Season 2 will see the introduction of another child in the form of Okanu RAU, which will change the show’s dynamics. 

Will there be a raging rivalry or deep friendship? 

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Cute Executive Officer CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
Source by Project No.9

Cute Executive Office anime is directed by Kazuya Iwata with series composition by Satoru Sugizawa.

Characters are designed by Susumu Watanabe, and the art is directed by Kazuhiro Arai. Shota Harada directs the Photography while Jin Aketagawa produces the sound.

Music for Cute Executive Officer Season one was composed by H Zett M, but Cute Executive Officer Season 2 will see a change as Soshina takes over from Zett.

Cute Executive Officer Season 2 s’ theme song will be “Sound Off! Mujina Symphony,” performed by Arisa Sonohara. In contrast, the ending theme song will be “Y-O-U-R R-O-Y-A-L H-I-G-H-N-E-S-S!” by Neko Hacker.

Animation is developed by Studio Project No.9, who have produced animes like Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!, And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? and 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams.

Most of the old cast will reprise their roles. However, there will be a few new characters that will be seen in Cute Executive Officer Season 2.

Ikumi Hasegawa as Yoshine Fudō, a new employee on loan from Kitsune Company. Yui Ogura is Ray Okano who is a child actor that came to audition for a Mujina Company Advert. Akio Ohtsuka voices Mugaku Hamaoka, a gourmet who looks somewhat familiar.

The staff is teasing two characters without revealing their voice cast members, i.e., Yamada-san, an office worker two years after joining the company.

Dokudakomaru, a 22-year-old new employee in the sales department — who happens to be half-octopus and thus can exude powerful acid (that dissolves anything) from its palms.

You can find the list of Cute Executive Officer characters and voice cast below:

 Najimu MujinaRina Hidaka
 NowaniAoi Koga
 Riya MotohashiChinami Hashimoto
 Mayu WaritoHisako Kanemoto
 Garcia DekasegiSayaka Kaneko
 Yuki KaruizawaSumire Uesaka
 Garcia’s MotherAya Hisakawa
 DoctorHiroki Maeda
 Bakery ManagerHouchu Ohtsuka
 TV DirectorJun Fukuyama
 Old ManKaori Nakamura
 Futo-RiimanKazuyuki Okitsu
 DesignerKotori Koiwai
 Unscrupulous Member of ParliamentRyou Sugisaki
 Tanryūsai SudaTesshō Genda
 ClaimerTomokazu Sugita
 Salaryman AYū Wakabayashi
 Najimu’s MotherYukari Tamura
 Yoshine FudōIkumi Hasegawa
 Ray OkanoYui Ogura
 Mugaku HamaokaAkio Ohtsuka


Source by Project No.9

The toddling gag comedy of Najimu Mujina will continue as Cute Executive Officer Season 2 returns in 2023.

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