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Infinity stone, there are total six infinity stones in marvel or in marvels movie in which three stones can give the powers of super human.


So first is JANE FOSTER she is the girl friend of thor as we all watch the Thor movie in movie jane touch the reality stone she gets infected by reality stone it is in liquid form so no one can touch her not even Odin father of thor some how she gets cured in Asgard.


 So second is SCARLET WITCH (Wanda Maximos). She also gets the power from mind stone. First, she works for hydra. When she works for hydra, she takes part in an experiment. Many people died in the experiment, but she gets successful in the experiment. The experiment is related to mind stone. She gets awesome power from mind stone like she can control minds and read them she can destroy things by her mental power she can control much thinks at one time. She can create a strong force field for protection.


So third is QUICK SILVER is the twin brother of Wanda Maximos he is also the part of the hydra mind stone experiment, but he gets super sped power from mind stone. As we all watch the avengers age of Ultron film, in that film, quick silver first works for hydra, then he works for avengers and saves peoples from Ultron. In that movie, quick silver has died in the last.


So forth is ULTRON AND VISION. So, it starts from when tony and bruce decide to use mind stone tony’s dream for a security barrier for the earth. So they can quickly stop any danger that comes towards the earth. They found some rare neutron structures. Because of that structure, they can easily create a security barrier. Then they take mind stone and Jarvis for an experiment when they start the investigation, then Jarvis take care of all the experimentation. Then Jarvis is completing AI of Ultron.

When Ultron is finally made, then he realizes the main danger for the world is humans. So Ultron decides to eliminate all humans from earth to protect the earth. When these things are happening, then-new AI becomes evil, and Ultron function totally works on mind stone neural structure. So Ultron knows about his body is not perfect for his mission, so he created a new body of synthetic vibranium, and he uses the power of mind stone in that body.

Then avengers stop Ultron, and the work of the body is pending. Then tony thinks that if we want to stop Ultron, we have to use this body. Then they use new AI Jarvis, not mind stone because mind stone is the power source of the body, but some other avengers are not agreed with this decision. Then suddenly thor come and attack with his full power, and then VISION is created.


So the fifth is CAPTAIN MARVEL; she gets the power from space stone. So in the film captain marvel, she is in the trail of light speed engine, and when her plane is crashed, and the power of space stone ( trasarect ) comes in here and is a very power full marvel character. She can transform into a cool super heroine.


So the last is IRON MAN, we all know about an iron man (tony stark), but he gets his power with space stone because of his dad Haward stark, his dad is also a scientist, 

so he is again doing experiments on space stone. When he died, he left his research for tony stark, and then he continued his dad’s research and made a new element for his iron man suit that gives him infinity energy to operate the suit.           


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